Women who recite the Quran are taking to social media to demand that more women do likewise

Individuals who memorize the Quran are known as a hafiz, and more and more people, both men and women, are urged to remember as much of the Quran as possible. Women reading the Quran openly is not encouraged in some locations, but more women are stepping out. Of course, both men and women recite the Quran, and this is something that is becoming more popular across the world as more individuals are known as Haris decide the Quran.

The female Quran reciters are turning to social media intending to encourage female recitations online. Madina Javed is one such female Quran reciter in 2017 she started the online movement female reciters reviving the practice of female public Quran recitation, in an interview, she said: “to show women certainly Muslim women in in the west in America and in Britain that you know why don’t we see women doing this here when we go to our centers and mosques here or when we go to weddings or our funerals are we hearing women reciting the Quran or are we just hearing men and it’s important that we have a balance and that we see both.”

Women who recite the Quran

Another female Quran reciter is Al-Zahra from Cairo and she is among Javed’s fellow reciters around the world. She memorized the Quran by the age of 10 and learning the Quran is not easy it takes years of practice and discipline, then in an interview, she said: “I started learning the Quran when I was three years old and memorized it when I reached the age of ten so I managed to do it in around six or seven years and thanks to god i started to study and research the vocal machama and religious anthems when I was in the fifth grade.”

Attitudes vary toward women publicly reciting the Quran across various Muslim cultures another well-regarded female Quran reciter is Maria Ulfa of Jakarta, she said: “international Indonesia in Indonesia when we won international first place we were no longer allowed to take part in national mtq to give other reciters opportunities so since then I have started training those who are interested in recitals and many students from other provinces are interested in learning how to recite for me.” Moreover, most Quran apps do not feature female reciters perhaps because only a few female recitations are publicly available here’s hoping the movement of female reciters can bring female Quran recitations to the forefront.

(Image Source: NYTimes, IBM Times)

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