Lisa from BLACKPINK Describes Her New Solo Music 

Lisa from BLACKPINK sat down for a lengthy chat with the Zach Sang Show, where she talked about when she’ll release more solo songs and how some of her BLACKPINK attire made her uncomfortable.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa went on the Zach Sang Show while in LA to talk about her solo career and how much she misses the Blinks. The interview is plenty of sweet moments, like Lisa gushing about her BLACKPINK comrades’ joy and support for her solo career, how much she loves Squid Game, and even revealing that she would never grow out her signature bangs.


Zach, a self-professed BLINK, asked Lisa if she wanted to return to the studio for additional solo work, go on tour, or reunite with BLACKPINK to record new songs, and her response was rather revealing! “We constantly go to the studio, we’re recording stuff,” she stated. It appears that they are presently working on something together for BLACKPINK!

If you had any worries about what Lisa meant by it, she verified it to Zach’s co-host Dan when he asked Lisa to clarify if BLACKPINK is currently working on something together. “Are you guys working together right now?” she inquired. Or are you totally focused on Lisa?” “Oh, we’ve reunited again.” And I don’t know if that’s a secret or not.”

Obviously, we’re excited to hear more of Lisa’s solo work, but the prospect of new BLACKPINK songs being released soon is even better! As if that wasn’t enough, Zach went on to question Lisa about her ideal partners for her solo career, and she stated that she hasn’t even considered it. BLACKPINK and their upcoming tour are on her mind! “I think we need to reunite with BLACKPINK, and, ya know, fans are waiting, and the BLINKS are asking, ‘When are you going to come back?!?'”

However, it appears that we will not have to wait long for new BLACKPINK songs, which makes us BLINKS all across the world very pleased. While everyone is eager for new BLACKPINK songs, Lisa has spoken up about some of the outfit decisions she’s made for the band in the past that have made her uncomfortable. When Zach questioned how it felt to be in command of her solo career’s creative decisions, Lisa admitted that it was difficult, but that she enjoyed being in charge since she could dress in whatever she wanted.

“I get to pick my outfits, like, what I want to wear for my music video, right?” she explained. And I was uncomfortable with some things, like clothes, at times, but in the solo, this is who I am, so I try to chose what I am comfortable with and what feels like me.” Hopefully, now that Monet and Lalisa have achieved such great success, Lisa will have more input in what she wears during future BLACKPINK concerts, music videos, and appearances. We shouldn’t have to wait long for that, as Lisa did state they’re back in the studio working together!

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