Why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Heckled by Opposition?

After invoking the seldom used emergency powers against the ongoing truckers’ protests, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced jeers in the House of Commons. It is only the second time in Canadian history that such powers have been utilised in peacetime.

The prime minister faced jurors from the opposition as he tried to defend his use of the emergencies act on the floor of the house Trudeau justified his decision as a move to protect Canada and safeguard the economy but opposition leaders slammed the government.

Justin Trudeau

Candice Virgin called the move extreme and questioned if it could lead to worsening the situation rather than resolving it, she said: “the prime minister thinks that now is the time to use this extreme measure and invoke the emergencies act isn’t it true that the prime minister’s actions could serve to make things worse and not make things better.” Later, Prime Minister Justin replied “Mr speaker this is about keeping Canadians safe protecting their communities and neighborhoods, and ensuring jobs and our economy.

While Justin Trudeau faced heat in the house by the opposition the freedom convoy protest continued to rage on outside the parliament in Ottawa protesters dug in their heels refusing to call off the protests hundreds of trucks are still clogging the streets of the capital demonstrators deemed the government’s move insane and refused to end the blockade.

However, Trudeau clarified that the emergency move does not include military actions as of now but will remain time-limited and geographically targeted the authorities would be granted more powers to arrest protesters and seize their trucks to clear blockades funding for the protests will also be banned this act has been invoked with the immediate effect at the border between Canada’s Alberta and American state Montana.

At least 11 protesters have been arrested with rifles handguns body armor and ammunition meanwhile peter slowly stepped down as Ottawa’s police chief after facing criticism his department faces allegations that it did not do enough to stop covert 19 protests that have paralyzed Canada’s capital city he also faced criticism for failing to protect the citizens from the picketing truckers several citizens had raised complaints of harassment and intimidation on the streets by the protesting truckers.

(Image Source: Toronto Star, PBS)

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