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Lil Bo Weep, aka Winona Brooks, was 28 years old Rapper and Social media personality. On March 6, 2022, she passed away. However, the exact cause of her death is not yet revealed. Her death was confirmed by the Smrtdeath, who is a Music Artist. He took to social media and wrote, “rest in peace, Winona, you were a truly special soul. life is fucked up,” and shared Lil Bo Weep’s picture.

Tributes are pouring in on social media. Her father, Matthew Schofield, also shared her picture on his Facebook wall and tributed her. Five days ago, Lil Bo Weep posted a video which was her last post. In the post, she wrote, “btw I’m NOT high. I am heavily dosed on Seroquel to avoid any psychosis from my cptsd. Not only have I been mourning my child, but I have also recently found out my fertility has been affected by growing up with a severe eating disorder. If you so so so any sort of a ninja Cerner, I recommend thinking about what you’re doing to yourself because I may never be able to have a full-term pregnancy or have a child of my own due to the way I treated my body.”

Who was Lil Bo Weep, aka Winona Brooks?

Lil Bo Weep


Lil Bo Weep


January 2, 1998


28 years old




5 feet 4 Inches tall

Net Worth

$400K to $700K USD

Lil Bo Weep was a Rapper, Youtuber, and Social Media personality. Although she was a close friend of Late rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot dead on June 18, 2018, fans still remember him. In 2015, Lil Bo Weep started her SoundCloud account, and since then, she has produced several musics.

On Spotify, she had 223,193 monthly listeners during the time of writing. Her songs include Codependency, Not Ok But It’s Ok, Sorry, Untitled, Human, Movin Forward, Dear God, Sunbeams, I Promise, and Feel It.

On Youtube, she had 123k subscribers and started her channel on December 4, 2014. Later, she had another channel under Winona, which has 1.01k subscribers. However, Lil Bo only uploaded one video in this channel six years ago.

On Apple Music and Spotify, she launched her two LPs, including SOLOS and SOLOS, and then launched an EP called Healing Unaloon. On Soundcloud, Lil Bo Weep boasts 35k fans, and her bio reads, “I sing when I’m sad. These are my expressions.”

Besides, she had huge social media reach on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. On Instagram, she had 31.7k followers, and her bio reads, “yes, it’s Lil bo weep, yes I deleted my IG, Idk how u found this mess of a thing.” On Feb27th, she shared a Tattoo and captioned it “mourning you,” the same month last year, she lost her child.

Lil Bo Weep’s father, Matthew Schofield, took to Facebook and shared a picture of them and wrote, “This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, PTSD and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT but broken. She fought hard against her demons as we all did a side by side next to her and picked up the broken pieces over and over again, but she could not fight anymore, and we lost her. As her dad, I am proud of her beyond words as she is my hero, my daughter, and my best friend that I love so so much,” and added, “She is no longer hurting now with the universe wanting their angel back. A big part of me is lost at the moment, but I ask respectfully that my close friends try not to ring me until I get some way through this.”

How old was Lil Bo Weep?

Lil Bo Weep

Lil Bo Weep was born on January 2, 1998, in Adelaide in Australia; she was 28 years old during her time of death. Her father’s name is Matthew Schofield, and besides, there is not much information available about her mother and siblings.

Who was Lil Bo Weep Boyfriend?

Lil Bo Weep

However, there is not much information about Lil Bo Weep’s boyfriend and previous relationship. Nevertheless, Lil Bo Weep shared a child from her previous relationship, but last year her baby died. In Feb 2022, she shared a picture of her Tattoo and said she was mourning the loss of her kid.

How Rich was Lil Bo Weep?

The estimated Net Worth of Lil Bo Weep was between $400K to $700K USD.

Lil Bo Weep

(Image Source: Lil Bo Weep Instagram)

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