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Gretta Vedler was a Russian model she found dead in a suitcase on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. She was discovered missing a year back on social. Media, she once told Vladimir Putin was a ‘pyschopath.’ She wrote, “Given the fact that Putin went through a lot of humiliation in childhood, he could not stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical form, it is not surprising that he left after law school and joined the KGB,” added “Such people are timid and fearful from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, so traits such as caution, restraint, and lack of communication are developed early in their character. I can only assume, in my opinion, clear psychopathy or sociopathy is seen in him.” Added, “For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity — an intense and dynamic life. Maybe he really wants to enhance the integrity of Russia and sincerely wishes the good for the Russians. But can he really do anything? I think you know the answer to this question yourself.”

Who was Gretta Vedler ?


Gretta Vedler




23 years old


Dmitry Korovin

Net Worth

$200K to $300K USD

Gretta Vedler

Gretta Vedler was a Russian model, Social Media Personality, and Instagram Influencer. Her death was not related to her political views and analysis. Her death was confessed by her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin to strangling her to death after a row over money in Moscow. Korovin told the cops that he slept in a hotel room for three nights. He then drove her body 300 kilometers to the Lipetsk area. Vedler’s body had been in the suitcase for more than a year. Her attractive picture on social media has gained a considerable number of followers, and due to which she has got a lot of opportunities in modeling and projects.

How old was Gretta Vedler ?

Gretta Vedler

Gretta Vedler was born in 1999 in Kharkiv, Ukraine; she was 23 years old at her demise. Talking about her parents and siblings, we do not have much information. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

Who was Gretta Vedler Ex-Boyfriend?

Gretta Vedler

Gretta Vedler was in a relationship with Dmitry Korovin. Not many details about how and when the couple met. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

What was Gretta Vedler Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Gretta Vedler is between $200K to $300K USD.

Gretta Vedler

(Image Source: Gretta Vedler Instagram)

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