Virginia Giuffre: Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Victim

Victims Refuse Silence, a non-profit located in the United States, was founded by Virginia Giuffre (Virginia Louise Giuffre). Virginia is one of the sex victims who has spoken out about her encounters with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Know About Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre Relationship?

Virginia Giuffre Know About Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Victim

He’s Queen Elizabeth’s second son, and while he was once renowned as Britain’s playboy prince, he’s now a disgraced man. The issue dates back to 2001 when the prince was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, and the prince has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. Epstein aided him in having sex with a 17-year-old.

The prince paid the victim $500,000 in 2009 to have the case dismissed, but the claims have resurfaced, and the victim has filed a new complaint, which has been accepted by a New York court. A US judge has ordered a trial for Prince Andrew, who is accused of sexually assaulting a youngster.

Virginia Giuffre, who is now 38 years old and claims to have been sexually raped at the age of 17, filed the case. Virginia’s photo with Prince Andrew became viral on social media, in the photo, Virginia can be seen next to Andrew, as well as Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to the article, it was Maxwell who persuaded her to have sex with Prince Andrew, and now it appears the prince’s turn has arrived. Andrew, who was 40 years old at the time, has repeatedly rejected all allegations, but in 2009 he agreed to pay the victim $500k to drop the charges.

The prince expected this settlement to shield him when the victim filed a new case in August 2021, but a New York judge has now determined that it does not, rejecting all arguments presented by the duke’s lawyers. According to the source, the matter will go to trial, which could start as early as this year. Documents, emails, text messages, and earlier statements will all be reviewed anew.

The prince may be required to take a sworn deposition by the plaintiff’s lawyers, for which he will have to travel to New York. Unlike other royals, the prince does not enjoy diplomatic immunity, and if he does not appear, he will face a default judgment, which could result in him being declared guilty without a trial. Whether the prince wins or loses, the details that are expected to emerge once the trial begins will be enough to further tarnish his already tarnished image.

Andrew was previously regarded as Britain’s playboy prince and Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, but his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein tarnished both his and the British royal family’s reputations.

Why did Jeffrey Epstein pay Virginia Giuffre about USD 500K?

Virginia Giuffre Know About Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Victim

As part of the Virginia 2021 legal case against Andrew, a confidential settlement from 2009 was recently made public. According to the newly released documents, Virginia agreed to withdraw her civil complaint against Epstein, a financier, and convicted sex offender, for $500,000 in 2009.

The 12-page agreement also included a provision shielding several of Epstein’s acquaintances from legal action. This means Andrew’s sexual assault accuser Virginia has agreed not to sue other potential defendants connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual offenses.

Virginia consented to limitations on her capacity to sue others after filing a lawsuit against the British monarch for unspecified damages alleging sexual assault in 2001. She was 17 at the time and a juvenile in the eyes of the law in the United States.

Andrew has categorically denied the claims, and the revelation of these records is part of his effort to have her case dismissed. His attorneys believe that the settlement bars her from pursuing legal action against the monarch because he was a third-party beneficiary of the release agreement.

Her lawyer has argued that the agreement does not shield Andrew because he was unaware of the settlement at the time and that her legal action against the prince must proceed now that this revelation may have an impact. It will now be up to US District Judge Lewis Kaplan to decide whether the lawsuit against the prince will proceed. If no settlement is reached, the case might go to trial between September and December of this year, according to Judge Kaplan.

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