Who is Nina Jane Patel? Know About VP of Metaverse Research

Nina Jane Patel is the VP of Metaverse Research and Co-Founder of a technology company in the United Kingdom where she was testing Facebook’s metaverse technology. She got in, established an avatar, and went exploring, according to the report. Do you know what occurred next? Other people sexually assaulted her avatar. She claimed that other metaverse users gang-raped her virtual avatar.

Nina Jane Patel
Nina Jane Patel Avatar

She later wrote on her blog about it “I was verbally and sexually harassed within 60 seconds of registering. Three to four male avatars, speaking in male voices, virtually gang-raped my avatar and took images.” Nina Patel was so traumatized that she tossed out her headphones and logged off, and she’s had anxiety ever since. She later added “A horrible incident that happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to put up the safety barrier. I went completely still. It was weird, and it felt like a nightmare.”

Meta Facebook has issued a statement that reads as follows: “Horizon venues should be secure, and we’re working hard to make sure they are. We’ll keep improving as we learn more about how people engage in these areas, especially when it comes to making it easier and more reliable for individuals to report issues.”

Horizon venue is a Facebook-run metaverse platform, and Facebook is essentially saying that this is a learning process and that we will continue to develop as we learn more about how people connect. Another metaverse tester reported being touched in December of last year, and it happened on the same platform horizon two months later.

Who is Nina Jane Patel?

Nina Jane Patel

Nina Jane Patel graduated from The University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000. She then earned a master’s degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from the Goldsmiths University of London. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Reading in 2021. She began her career as a choreographer at Atomic Cartoons, where she worked from February 2014 to February 2015. During her time there, she was the choreographer for a new children’s television show that encouraged movement exploration and self-expression.

She joined Lululemon as an Assistant Team Manager in December 2012 and stayed there until July 2016. Nina afterward served as the Advisory at ArtStarts in Schools for over a month. Nina joined Mascall Dance Society as General Manager in June 2015, where she oversaw Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, Grant Writing, Rehearsal Direction, Tour Management, Audience Development, and Public Relations.

She was the Regional Manager at Dancer Transition Resource Centre from October 2016 to March 2019. Nina later worked at Ballet BC as the Education and Outreach Manager from August 2015 to August 2019. She oversaw outreach and education programming, developing innovative new outreach engagement strategies that are now Western Canada’s leading outreach program, and developing strategic partnerships with key community stakeholders that resulted in dramatic new collaborative projects that impacted the community.

She worked as the Manager of Operations at Dancing on the Edge Festival from December 2016 to August 2019, where she oversaw the whole organization of special events (including logistics, budget, sponsorship, promotions, and marketing) that were attended by notable musicians and political leaders. In addition, I oversaw the website’s construction, created festival material, and coordinated the media strategy with the press director. Nina also created the festival’s marketing plan and brand image, which resulted in a 50 percent boost in user engagement after execution.

Nina worked as an Advisory Council Member at the Canada Council for the Arts in January 2020. Nina sat on the Manitoba Arts Council’s Advisory Council from July to August 2020. She also worked at DAYA CREATIVES as a producer and podcast host. She worked as a consultant at Ade and Company from July 2016 to June 2021. She is currently the co-founder of Kabuni and the VP of Metaverse Research, which she has held since September 2021.

It is, according to the Kabuni firm, “We are dedicated to offering the safest area in the Metaverse for kids aged 8-16 to EXPLORE, LEARN, and GROW – both in the school and at home,” they said, adding, “We are on a mission to unleash the design potential in every child and uplift lives.” Based on our unique, evidence-based approaches, designed for children to promote retention, engagement, speed, and health. Kabuni will take you on amazing, immersive excursions.”

Nina is also a board-certified Movement/Body Psychotherapist and a respected art, creative, and wellbeing leader in Canada and the United Kingdom. As a member of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA), the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA), the Association for Performing Arts Professionals (APAP), and the Canadian Cultural Leader Cohort 2019, among others. Nina obtained money from CCA Greenhouse Digital in 2022 for additional study into the metaverse’s relationship between the body, movement, and self-expression.

(Image Source: Nina Jane Patel Instagram)

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