Who is Mónica Dossetti’s Brother Milenio? Why did he try to Strangle her!

Milenio is the brother of Mexican Actress, Mónica Dossetti. Lately, he is making headlines after he attempted to strangle her in one of the videos. The video in question is circulating online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the video, Milenio goes around Mónica Dossetti’s back and tried to put something around her neck while the actress was sitting in her wheelchair. She lives in the central Mexican state of Morelos in Tepoztlán.

This incident was captured on the video surveillance cameras in the house. The video of the alleged event went viral online on July 11, according to a statement from the attorney general of the State of Morelos, and an inquiry was launched the same day.

Milenio is also working in the entertainment industry and currently works as a director.

Who is Mónica Dossetti?

In Volver a Empezar, she made her acting debut as the wealthy socialite Karla Greta Reyes Retana and de las Altas Torres, a character she later revisited in El Premio Mayor and Salud, Dinero y Amor.

Mónica retired from acting after receiving the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a condition affecting the brain and spinal cord, in 2015, at the age of 49.

(Image Source: NYPost)

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