Melinee Simon: More Details About Joe Simon’s Wife?

Melinee Simon is well known a the wife of Joe Simon who was well known as the Grammy-winning R&B singer. Recently, her husband died on December 13, 2021, at the age of 85 years old. The cause of the death is not known. His death was mourned by his fans, friends, and celebrities including Roland Smartin, Bettye LaVette, Ed Gordon, David Wild, and many more.

Joe’s grandson David Simon who is an American professional basketball player said his grandpa had a unique and distinct voice, which can be picked out in any crowd. David had toured with his grandpa towards the end of his R&B career. Joe in one of the documentary in 2016 said early in his touring career one the employee told he could not achieve anything in his life, for which Joe said he first worked in a cotton field and later in a chicken coop now he is the superstar of rhythm and blues, he said nobody can tell he wouldn’t be anything in his life.

Melinee Simon

He once made a dramatic onstage moment in front of 10,000 audiences, after he forgot the words of his hit songs in front of his fans. He said the audience ladies and gentlemen and asked them to sit down and told them that he would not be able to sing those songs tonight and wanted all the audience to visit the front office door to collect their money back because he wanted to go to church. After that incident, he became the pastor. He was also the leader of Bishop Joe Simon Ministries which is a nonprofit organization that provides community and humanitarian services, along with his family he worked day and night to help needy people. Through his organization, he helped children with educational opportunities, support for underserved youth. He also participated as an active leader in terms of promoting justice and equality to the world.

Who is Melinee Simon, know more about Joe Simon’s wife?

Melinee Simon is well known a the wife of Joe Simon who was well known as the Grammy-winning R&B singer. Not many details about Melinee are known, the couple is blessed with a daughter named Denice Simon. However, her late husband was an American soul and R&B musician. He was born on September 7, 1936, in Simmesport, Louisiana, U.S.A, he is 85 years old.

He initially picked cotton in his hometown near Chicago. He later moved to Los Angeles he pursues his dream of singing but in his early years, he was homeless and lived in a chicken coop. During the night at the chicken coop, he started writing 20 to 30 songs daily. One of the label owners paid him $1,100 to record four songs that were written by others. He began singing with his father in the Baptist church and was able to pursue more when his family moved to Richmond.

Melinee Simon

He later joined Golden West Gospel and was become by Sam Cooke and Arthur Prysock. In 1959, he recorded “Little Island Girl”. Later, Gary and Carla Thompson who were the Hush Records label owners asked Simon to record on his own. He gained a minor hit after he release “My Adorable One” on the Vee-Jay label.

He made his consistent presence in US charts between 1964 and 1981 which includes thirty-eight times in the top 40 of the US R&B charts, eight times in the US top forty. He traveled across the country singing, during his travel, he caught the eye of Nashville, R&B disc jockey John Richbourg. Richbourg later became Simon’s manager and also in 1966, he brought Simon to subsidiary label Sound Stage 7 ‘Monument Records’.

Melinee Simon

He releases a string of hits including “(You Keep Me) Hanging On”, “Farther on Down The Road”, “The Chokin’ Kind” and “Yours Love”. In 1970, he was given a Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Simon’s manager Richbourg encouragement him to move to Polydor in 1970 for distributed the Spring Records label.

His songs “Power of Love” and “Drowning in the Sea of Love” reached no 11 on the Hot 100 and over 1.5 million song copy was sold. In the banner R&B hits, he release hit songs including “Step By Step”, “Pool of Bad Luck”, “I Need You, You Need Me”, “Trouble in My Home”, “Carry Me”, “Music in My Bones”, and many more.

Melinee Simon

Some of his studio albums including “Simon Pure Soul”, “No Sad Songs”, “The Chokin’ Kind”, “Joe Simon…Better Than Ever”, “The Sounds of Simon”, “Drowning in the Sea of Love”, “The Power of Joe Simon”, “Mood, Heart and Soul”, “Get Down”, Easy to Love”, “A Bad Case of Love”, “Love Vibrations”, “Glad You Came to My Way”, “Happy Birthday, Baby”, and many more.

His Singles including “It’s a Miracle”, “I Keep Remembering “, “Just Like Yesterday”, “When I’m Gone”, “A Teenager’s Prayer”, “Put Your Trust in Me (Depend on Me)”, “Nine Pound Steel”, “(You Keep Me) Hangin’ On”, “Baby, Don’t Be Looking in My Mind”, “San Francisco Is a Lonely Town”, “Farther on Down the Road”, “That’s The Way I Want Our Love”, “Help Me Make It Through the Night”, “To Lay Down Beside You”, “Drowning in the Sea of Love”, “Theme From Cleopatra Jones”, “Get Down, Get Down (Get on the Floor)”, “I Need You, You Need Me”, “Funny How Time Slips Away”, “You Didn’t Have to Play No Games”, “For Your Love, Love, Love”, “Going Through These Changes”, “Baby, When Love Is in Your Heart (It’s in Your Eyes)”, “It’s Be’s That Way Sometime”, “It Turns Me Inside Out”, and many more.

Melinee Simon

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