Sanna Marin’s Husband: Know About Finland’s Prime Minister Spouse Markus Raikkonen

Markus Raikkonen is Talent Scaling at Henrico StaffPoint and well known a the husband of Sanna Marin who is Finland’s Prime Minister. His wife is on the media headlines after she went on a night out party until early on Saturday, December 4 in Helsinki, despite knowing she was convicted to COVID 19 and she also missed calls and text that was sent to her to get quarantine, after Pekka Haavisto, the Foreign Minister of Finland tested positive a few hours ago.

She also apologized for going clubbing and also told that she was fully vaccinated. She also took to her official Twitter account and stated she was very sorry for not understanding that she needed to do that. Many social media users slammed her for being an irresponsible and unforgivable act. She did not check the message sent until Sunday morning.

Markus Raikkonen

Also on her Facebook, she wrote saying on Sunday evening she received a call from her secretary from a parliament’s work phone and told her about Pekka Haavisto  Minister who is infected by the coronavirus. And also told that her secretary told her not to worry much about the quarantined because people who were in close contact with the minister has taken two vaccines and full vaccine protection.

She said she did not question the information she received because THL has given similar instructions to the citizens. He also mentioned to her if she was taken two vaccines are not scheduled for a test or quarantine. She thought the governing council will continue normally.

Markus Raikkonen

In Dec 2019, when she entered the office she was known as the world’s youngest head of government. She once told BBC that countries are led by men and also told they have done well, added she thinks there no gender-based issue and says should be more focus on countries wellbeing.

Who is Markus Raikkonen, Know more about Sanna Marin Husband?

Markus Raikkonen is Talent Scaling at Henrico StaffPoint and well known a the husband of Sanna Marin who is Finland’s Prime Minister. He was born on 16 September 1985 in Finland, he is 36 years old. He started his career as a Communications Director and got promoted as a Senior Advisor, Senior Strategy Specialist, and Senior Advisor at Generation Finland. He is also the founder of Nordic Spark Oy and also served as a Board Members at Stop the Moon in 2019. He also served as an Investor at Headline in May 2021.

Markus Raikkonen

Talking about his wife, since 2019 she is Finland’s Prime Minister. Also since 2015, she is a member Parliament of Finland. She was born on 16 November 1985 in Helsinki, she is 36 years old. In 2004, she graduated from Pirkkala High School. When she was very young her parents got separated from each other, since her parent’s faced financial problems.

She grew up with her mother and her mother’s female partner. In 2006, she joined the Social Democratic Youth. From 2010 to 2012 first Vice President of Social Democratic Youth. While studying, for her education expense she worked at the bakery as a cashier.

Markus Raikkonen

She graduated from the University of Tampere with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Administrative Science. Her teacher named  Pasi Kervinen said she was an average student. Initially, she ran for election to the City Council of Tampere. For the City Council, she became the chairperson for a month, and also in 2017, she was re-elected to the City Council. In 2014, at the  Social Democratic Party, she was elected second deputy chairperson. Also in 2015 as an MP she was elected to the Finnish Parliament from the electoral district of Pirkanmaa.

In 2019 she became the Minister of Transport and Communications. In 2019, she became Finland’s Prime Minister and was well known as the third female head of government after  Mari Kiviniemi and Anneli Jäätteenmäki. She also became the youngest PM and youngest serving state leader.

Recently, in 2021 she was criticized for going on a night party after coming in close contact with the cover 19 convicted. The Foreign Minister of Finland Pekka Haavisto was tested positive but she was informed previously about this even though she has been at a public party. Many social media users and the public are criticized for her irresponsible act. However, she also apologized public for her mistake.

In 2021,  Finnish media claimed that Marin and her family for their groceries with public funds for about  €300 per month as the part of Minister’s tax-free housing benefits. She is a vegetarian. On 23 Nov 2020, she was on the list of BBC’s 100 Women, and on  Forbes, she was ranked 85th on the list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

She was also known as the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. Talking in an interview with a  Menaiset website in 2015, she said as a child she felt invisible because she was not able to talk openly about her family. She said the since was hardest and she felt Invisibile and she said not recognized as a true family, at her young age she was stubborn and candid, and she was not able to take anything criticism easily.

Markus Raikkonen

She also told while talking to the publication, she never planned to get into politics, when she was in high school, she felt people who get into politics are quite different and come from rich backgrounds than she was. She married her longtime boyfriend, the duo reportedly were in a relationship for over 16 years. In 2016, they got engaged and got married in 2020. The couple is blessed with three years old daughter named Emma Amalia Marin.

(Image Source: Markus Raikkonen Intagram)

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