Who is Instagram Influencer Toni Bowden? Why does Drake Message her on IG

Drake recently DM’d Toni Bowden. Ceddy Bowden is her husband on Instagram. In 2021, the couple married and now had two daughters. Drake retaliated against a troll by slipping into Ceddy’s wife’s Instagram DMs. After the troll abused his kid Adonis on social media, the rapper quickly messaged the troll’s wife.

After the Canadian rapper replied to NBA shooting coach Chris Matthews’ Instagram post, the funny controversy began. Tee, the father of NBA great Ja Morant, was defended by the coach and praised for his support. Ceddy Bowen, an Instagram user, had something different to say about the One Dance singer’s feelings.

Toni has over 22,000 Instagram followers, while her spouse has over 15,000 followers. Toni’s captions frequently discuss self-care, even though most of her postings are about her spouse and family.

Drake then DM’d Ceddy’s wife, Toni, because they both have public Instagram profiles. Toni rushed to Instagram shortly after to share a photo of Drake following her.

Drake’s son Adonis was born on October 11, 2017, with the rest of the world learning about him after Pusha T revealed that Drizzy had a son amid their feud. On his 2018 album Scorpion, the ‘God’s Plan’ rapper claimed he was the father.

(Image Source: Toni Bowden Instagram)

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