Who is Aurora Culpo? Facts About American Fashion Influencer

Aurora Culpo is a fitness model, social media influencer, Instagram Influencer, and sister of Olivia Culpo who is an American fashion influencer and an actress. Recently, Aurora slammed American Airlines, she was asked to cover up before she board the flight on Thursday, January 13. She was along with her sister and boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, on the flight they were on their way to Cabo San Lucas.

Aurora Culpo

By the American Airlines gate, Olivia was summoned and asked to change her clothes or she would not be able to board the flight. Meanwhile, her model-actress sister Aurora did not hold back her voice and started voicing out saying another passenger who was boarding the flight had worn a similar dress to her sister Aurora, and those passengers were permitted to board the flight without asking them to change.

In the video that was taken, Olivia was seen wearing a crop top, biker shorts. She meanwhile took expressed this matter with other people in the airport and took their perspectives on American Airlines attire policy. Aurora shared on Instagram stories, where she was seen saying that she and her sister Olivia are going to Cabo and she told look at Olivia outfit she looks so cute on it and said the desk people called her up and said she needs to put on a blouse before she aboard a flight without which she cannot get on the plane.

Aurora Culpo

However, American Airlines have not responded to anything about the incident, but thier website includes the dress code, which says offensive clothing and bare feet are not allowed and also says inappropriate or a Violent action would be the denial of boarding.

This is not the first time airline has asked their passenger to cover up, before this in July 2019, a doctor accused the airline of asking her to cover up with a blanket, she was asked to cover because she was wearing a romper which wasn’t appropriate attire. Also recently the Turkish influencer took to her Instagram and shared that she was barred from an American Airlines flight because her short was too short.

Who is Aurora Culpo? Know More About Olivia Culpo Sister

Aurora Culpo is a fitness model, social media influencer, Instagram Influencer, and sister of Olivia Culpo who is an American fashion influencer and an actress. She was born in 1991 in the USA, she is 30 years old. Talking about her parents, she was born o Susan (Mother) and Peter Culpo (Father). Her father Peter runs a hotel business, she has four older siblings Pete and three younger siblings Olivia, Gus, and Sophia.

Aurora Culpo

Aurora being a social media influencer, her Instagram boasts 98.9K followers with 861 posts at the time of writing this article. She is also the mother of two toddlers. She is married to Michael Bortone who is an entertainer, the duo tied the knot on May 5th, 2019, the couple celebrated their first year anniversary.

In one of the Instagram posts, she also mentioned that prior to getting married to Michael she was in a  toxic “relationship” with a guy where he ended up having another girlfriend while were in a relationship. She said she found out about a year into it that, she was in fact the secret side piece, and she stuck around for a while anyway, hoping with enough effort she could become who he wanted.

She also said it was shameless to admit but it’s the truth and she can’t take it back. During their relationship, she was in law school in Boston and she was living in an apartment with her father. She barkeep with her boyfriend, since she was unable to sustain in the toxic relationship.

Aurora Culpo

She later moved back to her parents in Rhode Island and enrolled herself in a master’s program for elementary education, bases she knew that kids were what brought her the most joy something when she was deeply needed. Meanwhile, she also started practicing Transcendental meditation. After her master’s, she moved to Francisco for a teaching job, that’s when she met her husband.

Talking about her sister, Olivia Culpo she is an actress, fashion influencer, and social media personality. She has won Miss Rhode Island USA competition and crowned Miss USA and also in 2012  Miss Universe. She also represented the United States at the Miss Universe pageant in las Vegas.

In 2103, she walked in the Sherri Hill fashion show which was held in  Trump Tower in New York City. She has also collaborated with many fashion and beauty brands including Uberliss, L’Oréal, Kipling, and many more.

Aurora Culpo

She was also featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2018, she appeared in the reality television show Model Squad and also made a role in a movie including The Other Woman, American Satan, The Swing of Things,  I Feel Pretty, Reprisal. Along with her family, he opens a restaurant in Rhode Island.

(Image Source: Aurora Culpo Instagram)

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