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Aliia Roza is a former Russian spy, TV presenter, model, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Recently, she blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine invasion. Roza said, “I was trained in the same military program as Putin and we learned how to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation,” She also said, “Mr. Putin always wins; he can’t lose this war and back up, because it will damage his reputation. He will go ’til the end.” Added “Putin’s strategy is obvious — don’t let NATO place any rockets or weapons in Ukraine, and he will do everything to achieve his goal. But he didn’t expect that Ukrainians would fight back and have support from the whole world.” Continued “I speak with them [family and friends] every day and they tell me that Russians over 45 are following Putin’s regime because they are scared. Russian soldiers are usually not the ones who can choose to go to the war or not, there is the order — they have to follow it.”

She recalled in a conversation with Jam Press, “For my first task, I had to pretend I was a prostitute so I could go to a club and seduce the leader of a criminal gang which was supplying drugs into the country. It was just crazy, I was hanging out with these baddies who would fight each other and kill each other.”

Who is Aliia Roza?


Aliia Roza


May 18, 1985


36 years old


Will Update

Net Worth

$1 Million USD

Aliia Roza
Aliia Roza is a former Russian spy, TV presenter, model, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She served 18 years in the military and became a Russian Spy. Later, quit her job and moved to Europe. She earned her master’s degree in fashion at the University of Istituto Marangoni in London. After her graduation, she served as a fashion public relations agency. She has also worked with Cartier, Rolls Royce, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, and Chopard. Roza has appeared in publications, magazines, Vanity Fair, Tatler, Woman Sense, and many more. She has also worked as a TV presenter with MTV Russia and CBS. In 2017, she was crowned Miss Asia by Bollywood superstar and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in London.

How old is Aliia Roza ?

Aliia Roza
On May 18, 1985, Aliia Roza was born in Russia; she is 36 years old. Talking about her parents and siblings, we do not have much information. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

Who is Aliia Roza’s Husband?

Aliia Roza
Aliia Roza is married she has not revealed any information regarding her husband. However, she has a child. In 2021, she shared a picture along with her son on Instagram with a caption, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING I would love to tell you all that I LOVE YOU with your support and your belief in me I still keep going and move ahead … sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes I am tired and sad but I know that you are there for me and whatever I do in my life I do for you, for our children – new generation I will do everything to build boarding schools for orphans, build hospitals and accommodation for people in need , to organise more charitable events , to help as much as I can during my whole life ! I am so grateful and privileged to have you all in my life THANK YOU God Bless you and your families Sincerely yours ALIIA ROZA.”

What is Aliia Roza’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Aliia Roza is around $1 Million USD.

Aliia Roza

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