Alex Blackburn: Ex-Girlfriend of American Professional Baseball Pitcher Sam Dyson

Alex Blackburn is well known as the Ex-Girlfriend of Sam Dyson aka Samuel Isaac Dyson is an American professional baseball pitcher. She gained media attention after accusing her ex-boyfriend of sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She said in 2019, she was forced to abort their child, when she tried to refuse the same, he threatened to kill her and tell her sick grandfather about their unborn baby. On Dec 27th, 2021,  Robert Buschel Blackburn’s lawyer said Dyson has not accepted his mistake for his behavior, he manipulated the matter and tried to be good in front of a jury. However, he is responsible to hold for his violent actions against Blackburn.

Alex Blackburn

Attorney also told Blackburn is looking for justice and hope this lawsuit will help other women who underwent abusive relationship, and also she takes a further step to provide the freedom to escape from abusive relationships and also take notices from the professional sports leagues to eliminate sexual violence and domestic violence in sports.

Meanwhile, she also shared thanked her friends and family over Instagram on Nov 24, 2019, and wrote saying She would thank her family and friends who gave her unconditional love and support that year, she also appreciates every person that has reached out to her, and she was able to speak freely without judgment or hostility.

She said she was able to openly express herself and her feelings. She felt safe, appreciated, and loved, whether they were great friends or just met. Although she was broken, she has allowed her physical health, emotional health, and mental health to diminish to nothing. She hasn’t been herself in so long and allowed herself to use the word sorry in every conversation whether she did something wrong or not.

Alex Blackburn

She told her family, friends, and the world through a written message, she was on the road to recovery and loving herself again. She has closed a chapter in her life. This has been the hardest decision she has ever made, but she has to put herself before anyone else She also shared she was proud of herself, to take strength and courage to speak and stand up for what’s right.

Who is Alex Blackburn? Know more about Sam Dyson Ex-Girlfriend?

Alex Blackburn is well known as the Ex-Girlfriend of Sam Dyson aka Samuel Isaac Dyson is an American professional baseball pitcher. She has an Instagram under her name which has around 2,234 followers with 173 posts at the time of writing this article. She was born in 1990 in the USA, she is 31 old.

We do not have much information regarding her parents and siblings. However, we will keep you updated on the same. She loves pets, especially, cat, whose name is snucks. She also told that her relationship with player Sam Dyson has also made her cat suffer, he treated snucks in a very abusive way too.

She was in an abusive relationship with Sam Dyson, we do not have much information regarding when and how the couple met. However, he was well known for playing as an American professional baseball pitcher as a free agent. He also played for the Major League Baseball including Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, and San Francisco Giants. In South Carolina, he played college football. He won College World Series and a World Baseball Classic.

Alex Blackburn

He attended Tampa Jesuit High School and played four years on the school’s baseball team. In 2006, he was selected by the Washington Nationals of  2006 MLB draft. His Instagram boasts 8351 followers with 223 posts at the time of writing this article.

He made his MLB debut. On January 22, 2013, he was designated for assignment. He made his first major league start against the Phillie on Sep 16th, which lasted 2.2 innings, 4 walks, 6 hits, and striking out 1. In 5 games.

On Nov 4th, 2020, she shared a lengthy post about her abusive relationship and said that in 2019 on the same date was fleeing a physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally abusive relationship with a professional She said it looked all perfect in the public eye. She was still waiting for justice for Snuckles. She also told, in the process of getting justice, she was let down by police, SE Agency, and by her own family.

Alex Blackburn

She also said, in the last year she has come too far and allowed another human to destroy her inner peace, mental state, and happiness. She was done with toxicity, manipulators, liars, family, and friends, who did not support her the way she did. This past week has been the hardest week since January. Nobody supports her or her process.

(Image Source: Alex Blackburn Instagram)

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