While Russia’s planned invasion of Ukraine, China is thinking Bigger!

Despite the fact that Russia’s planned invasion of Ukraine on February 16th did not happen, the west remains on high alert and is concerned about Russia’s military buildup. At the bottom, the US maintains that the presence is ongoing and that, contrary to Russian allegations, more troops have been sent into Russia and into assaulting positions near the Ukrainian border.

The white house has said that Russia has increased its presence in the Ukrainian border by as many as about 7,000 troops some of which have arrived as recently as Wednesday that is yesterday various American officials have said that Russia’s actions simply do not match with their words. Ukraine’s president Vladimir Zelinski was crisscrossing the country to help bolster the morale of the Ukrainians also observe the military drills by his armed forces and he remains unconvinced of the announcement by the Russians that they have pulled back a part of their soldiers who are stationed along the wall with Ukraine and has said that Ukraine is not scared and is ready to face any eventuality.

Meanwhile, satellite images also supported these statements the battle groups of the armored vehicles a new attack helicopter unit was also seen along Ukraine’s border in Crimea Belarus, and western Russia now all of these troops built up by the Russians goes clearly against what the Russians have said this week that they are pulling back some of their forces after exercises in southern and western military districts near Ukraine Russia even went on to publish a video that showed tanks artillery units, etc leaving the Crimean peninsula.

Foreigners residing in Ukraine are faced with a difficult decision: should they go or stay? With numerous nations recommending their nationals to evacuate, many are now considering leaving Kyiv entirely in the event of a Russian invasion, despite Russia’s forces stationed on the border.

While the standoff between Russia and the western allies over the Ukraine conflict remains far from over the united states has voiced concern over another region of conflict warning of escalation and that region is the indo-pacific where it aims to counter china’s growing military and economic expansionism a top u.s general has won saying that China may take advantage of the Ukraine crisis and do something provocative in Asia while western powers are focused on diffusing tensions with Russia.

General Kemet Wilbach head of the u.s pacific air forces said that China has aligned itself with Russia and the crisis and when Beijing looks at the crisis it considers where this is whether this is an opportunity for gain over the years Beijing has been blamed for stoking tensions in the region as it continues to cement control of key islands in the south china sea Beijing claims almost the entirety of the sea but that overlaps with that of Taiwan and four south Asian countries Malaysia Philippines and Vietnam China has militarized the partly islands by engaging in reclamation projects in the south china sea it has constructed three airfields.

The south china sea is an important area for the implementation of china’s naval strategy including blockading Taiwan the united states and the west have also been strengthening their presence in the region to counter china’s control which would infringe on freedom of navigation in the strategic waterway the south china sea has some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

(Image Source: BBC)

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