Ukraine Claims Russia was behind Mass CyberAttack

While tensions remain high over the threat of a Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army’s defence ministry and major banks’ websites were taken down in a series of cyberattacks, with Ukraine’s information security centre blaming Russia.

Ukraine’s communication watchdog said in a statement “it is not ruled out that the aggressor used tactics of little dirty tricks because its aggressive plans are not working out on a large scale.”

At least 10 Ukrainian websites were unreachable due to the attacks the affected sites included the bank state savings bank and private that are two of the country’s largest financial institutions both resumed service later on Tuesday but the military sides remained inaccessible hours after the initial reports of the attack emerged.

The defense ministry side showed an error message saying it was undergoing technical maintenance the armed forces website showed a message which said it could not be reached cave has blamed Moscow for similar actions in the past the type of disruption reported by Ukrainian authorities is known as a distributed denial-of-service often abbreviated as DDoS.

But the scale of it wasn’t immediately clear one European diplomat said that hacking was concerning because the full military attack on Ukraine would likely be preceded by a cyber attack the white house said it has not determined responsibility for the cyber attacks.

Now the attacks came as President Joe Biden warned that a Russian invasion remains distinctly possible Moscow claimed the same day that some of its troops are pulling back from the Ukraine border the cyber attack came one month after another strike briefly took down key government websites nato had responded within hours of the January attack now a cyber warfare cooperation deal was announced with cave the European Union also said it was mobilizing all its resources to help Ukraine at that time.

(Image Source: NPR)

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