Trixie Mattel’s Packaging Designs Were Stole by Kylie Jenner?

Fans are accusing Kylie Jenner of copying designs from Trixie Mattel’s beauty brand after she was accused of “recycling” the same makeup products for her upcoming Valentine’s collection.

Just days after being chastised for “recycling” beauty products from previous Kylie Cosmetics releases, Kylie Jenner is facing new controversy over her upcoming Valentine’s-themed makeup line.

Trixie Mattel

Kylie recently teased Valentine’s Day goods on Instagram, which are due to release on February 3rd. Many customers admitted on social media that they were “disappointed” with Kylie’s latest debuts since some of the lip gloss, blush, and eyeshadow colours appeared too identical to those from previous collections. But, as is customary with Kar-Jenner, the drama didn’t end there.

Following the initial reaction on social media, users began to notice something odd about Kylie Cosmetics’ new container designs, particularly the heart-shaped blush sticks and glosses. And, indeed, it appears that Kylie Cosmetics’ heart-shaped packaging design wasn’t her own, since her next goods are disturbingly identical to those featured in Trixie Mattel’s beauty line, Trixie Cosmetics.

Trixie, you see, established her own beauty brand in 2019, selling heart-shaped gloss and lipstick tubes, which are very much in line with her characteristic cartoonish style. Even Kylie’s Valentine’s typeface appears like a rip-off of Trixie’s logo, to be honest.

Many admirers chastised Kylie for “plagiarising” Trixie Cosmetics’ branding, with many dragging her on social media. “The packets of the glosses and blushes are the exact same,” this person said on YouTube, before adding, “we are talking about some UNIQUE designs that Trixie Cosmetics had developed their own and are part of what makes them different.” “I smell a lawsuit,” one individual commented on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram photo. “THIS IS EMBARRASSING,” another person said.

Trixie herself turned to social media to draw attention to the packaging similarities between hers and Kylie’s. “Kylie, I’m calling the cops,” Trixie captioned a humorous video on TikTok in which she applies her lip gloss against a backdrop of Kylie’s Valentine’s items.

Look, Trixie doesn’t appear to be unhappy about anything because she’s plainly giggling at the video. However, having your unique designs and ideas stolen by others is really distressing, and we’re interested whether Trixie will make a more serious remark regarding the current charges in the coming weeks.

(Image Source: Meaww, NewsFeed)

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