The withdrawal of France’s and its allies’ armies from Mali has been announced

At this time, France is withdrawing its soldiers from Mali operations, and French President Emmanuel Macron attended a conference to discuss the matter. Now that the meeting has taken place in Paris, France is considering withdrawing its soldiers from Mali, where they have been stationed for over a decade.

Now ahead of an official expected announcement of the withdrawal of the French troops for mali. French President Macron met with African and European leaders in Paris the summit brought together the leaders of France’s key allies in the Sahel region these including other nations in West Africa such as Chad and Mauritania.


What is interesting is that on an issue where the french troops are to be pulled out from the nation of mali no representative of mali was present at this meeting. In Paris, officials from Burkina Faso which also recently underwent a coup also interestingly were not invited.

An EU Africa summit is scheduled on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, before that the French president is, of course, holding a press briefing on the engagement of France and also the role that France a former colonial power in the region that tends to play in the Sahel region.

And it is in these press briefings that Emmanuel Macron is likely to make a formal announcement of the french pull-out from mali, the potential consequences of a french military pull out after nearly 10 years of fighting the hardest insurgency could of course shake pretty much the whole of West Africa the troop’s withdrawal follows a breakdown in relations with the military junta which passed a resolution to the french should leave immediately the hunter released on a deal to organize elections in February and proposed to hold on power
until 2025.

Tensions have grown between mali its African neighbors and also the European union especially after mali’s transitional government allowed the Russian mercenaries to deploy in the territory at the expense of the French troops. The European Union this month interestingly has imposed sanctions on five senior members of mali’s transitional government the list includes the likes of the prime minister the hunter members were accused of working to obstruct and also to undermine the transition from military to civilian rule.

The Bali deployment of these french troops has been fraught with many problems France deployed its troops in mali in 2013 but the insurgency was never fully quelled enough there are new fears that have emerged of the insurgents pushing into the Gulf of guinea there are at least about 25,000 foreign troops being deployed in the Sahel region this includes as many as about 4 300 french soldiers after a drawdown of the French troops was announced last year the troops are due to decline further to about 2500 by the year 2023 that is next year.

Successive coups in mali chad and Burkina Faso all of these are former french colonies have weakened France’s standing in these west African nations insurgents who control large weights of the territory have been emboldened and they want France a former colonial power in these and nations to immediately leave Paris however intends to continue the fight in the wider region a drawdown from Bali will of course take several months and this will give time to try and redefine the security plans for the rest of the Sahel region.

(Image Source: France 24, The Guardian)

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