The US blames ‘Chinese meddling’ for Nepal’s PM’s inability to reach a consensus

Nepal now it’s in the grip of yet another political crisis, one that has pushed Nepal’s ruling coalition to the brink of breakdown. There are five parties in the coalition two of them are threatening to break away why because they don’t want an American project to be improved but the project in question is the MCC that is the millennium challenge corporation this is an American funded project aimed at boosting Nepal’s electricity sector.

The parties against it say that it could threaten Nepal sovereignty but America suspects china’s hand behind this it says Beijing is trying to manipulate Nepal into getting the project canceled. A war of words has ensued as have protested in Kathmandu reports say that the government of Nepal could fall any day.

Political gridlock in Nepal led to the ouster of prime minister KP Sharma Oli, a new government was formed through a coalition of five parties six months on this coalition too is on the brink of breakdown.

Some visuals from Kathmandu show that members of various political groups staging a demonstration outside the Nepalese parliament what are the protests about? A 500 million dollar deal between Nepal and the united states is called the MCC the millennium challenge corporation Nepal compact.

Signed in 2017, this deal is aimed at increasing the supply of electricity by strengthening cross-border energy trade between India and Nepal, and this deal was expected to boost Nepal’s economy by bringing new employment opportunities for its citizens. But five years since it was signed this agreement is yet to be ratified it hangs like a sword over Nepal’s parliament.

There are a host of reasons, the chief among them is china’s involvement in Nepal’s affairs. America suspects that Beijing does not want Nepal to support this deal as it could become a geostrategic counter to the belt and road initiative, is there merit to this claim? the Chinese state media confirms it the global times published this story on Monday calling the MCC a geopolitical pact targeting china a part of America’s indo-pacific military strategy.

Back in Kathmandu, the effects of china’s misinformation campaign are evident, the political parties in the ruling coalition are threatening to break away two of them in particular the communist party of Nepal maoi center or cpnmc and the communist party of Nepal unified socialist both these communist forces are known to sympathize with Beijing.

Naturally, they are opposing the ratification of MCC and they want some of its provisions to be amended, but reports say they will not budge even if amendments are approved. But America meanwhile is growing restless it is warning of implications. Should the deal be altered or canceled the US state department says, this will have an impact on bilateral assistance and support that Nepal receives the prime minister of Nepal is in a fix he is trying to build consensus within the ruling alliance what if his efforts fail the alliance will split say his party leaders.

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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