The Internet Reacts After LeBron James Mocks Kyle Rittenhouse Crying In Court!

The Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has captivated the public’s attention, and now celebrities are chiming in, including LeBron James, who criticised Kyle for shedding “crocodile tears” on the stand. LeBron James turned to social media yesterday to express his belief that Kyle Rittenhouse, who is on trial for the murder of two men and the attempted murder of a third, was putting on a show for the jury.

“Kyle Rittenhouse broke down in tears on the witness stand at his murder trial as he detailed the events of Aug. 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin,” USA Today tweeted. “What tears?????” tweeted LeBron after retweeting their message. I didn’t see any. “Knock it off, man!” “That lad ate some lemon heads before heading into court,” he said, referring to Kyle’s meltdown. Three laughing emoticons have been added.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle was on the stand, trying to persuade the jury that he acted in self-defense when he shot three people and killed two more at a rally in Wisconsin last August. Kylie told the courtroom that he had “done nothing wrong.” “I stood up for myself.” Kyle is facing a variety of accusations, including two counts of homicid When Kyle appeared to become upset while describing his actions, LeBron responded by claiming that protestors were attempting to steal his AR-15 before he opened fire.

Then he began crying uncontrollably to the point that he was unable to speak, prompting the judge to call a halt to the proceedings. That wasn’t the only drama in the courtroom that day; the judge also chastised the prosecution for interrogating Kyle in such a rude manner. When officials questioned Kyle about an event that the judge had already stated could not be used as evidence, he became enraged. “You are well aware that an attorney cannot get into these sorts of topics after the court has already ruled without first seeking permission from the judge outside the presence of the jury.”

The lawyers had grown “brazen” with Kyle, he added. Kyle’s lawyers subsequently requested a mistrial. Returning to LeBron, his tweet had 17,000 responses at the time of this post, with some individuals angered by his mockery of Kyle.

“LeBron James looks to be belittling folks coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in this post,” said Councilman Aaron Carpenter in response to LeBron’s tweet. Why? Do you think this is a joke? “That’s not a nice look!” Another commenter said LeBron was “on the wrong side of every issue.” “When you revisit unpleasant experiences, it comes out differently emotionally and/or psychically,” they continued. Before making a comment, make sure you know what you’re talking about.” “Bruh,” one follower tweeted, “LeBron should be the larger guy.” Whatever your feelings are about the matter, you could show a bit more character.”

However, several of LeBron’s social media fans agreed with him, with one user writing, “This is poor acting. In the first place, he had no business being there.” “Agree,” another individual responded. “This child crossed state boundaries in search of a setting in which he could fire his rifle.” “Usually when I weep, tears come from my eyes,” remarked this guy. Lol,” The Kylie Rittenhouse murder trial is set to resume today, and at the time of publication, LeBron has yet to reply to the people who have criticised his remarks.

(Image Source: Marca, NY Daily News)

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