The European Union has refused to place a cancer warning on wine bottles

How wine, like all other alcoholic beverages, causes cancer and can kill you. You may be asking why our elected lawmakers, who never cease to amaze us, are supporting wine use.

A special committee on beating cancer had put forward a proposal this committee wanted Europe to have warning labels on wine bottles and these labels would warn consumers about the risk of alcohol drinking they flagged the link between wine drinking and cancer but lawmakers voted against these labels and you won’t believe why members of the European parliament said that moderate consumption of wine is part of the quote-unquote well-known Mediterranean diet.

So the parliamentarians came up with a counteroffer and more like a compensatory offer instead of a cancer label why not add a cautionary label, you know stick labels telling consumers about the risk of excessive drinking this proposal they happily voted for they agreed to tell the consumers what they already know that drinking too much is bad.

But these MEP’S refused to tell consumers that wine drinking can cause cancer and this information the parliamentarians hid now in Europe alone an estimated 10 of all cancer cases in men and 3 of all cancer cases in women are attributed to alcohol consumption.

Not many people know of this either, in Europe or outside, in fact not many people know that a glass of wine is not fine! we’re living under the impression that wine is good for our bodies. Our heart is not wine like every other alcohol is dangerous it causes cancer it has the potential to kill you but there is no awareness about this the health label was meant to create that awareness it was meant to help fight cancer.

Why do you think the European parliament shot it down? not because of Mediterranean cuisine or culture but because of greed because of money, According to numbers the European Union is the world’s leading wine producer and it produces 64% of the world’s wine and it is home to 45% of the global wine-growing area.

People living in the EU consume 48% of the world’s wine and imagine this the rest of the world put together Asia, America, Australia, and Africa consume 52% of the world’s wine and the EU alone guzzles 48 percent.

Any idea how much money Europe is making from all of this wine? its wine market is worth 147.5 billion dollars and wine is the European union’s largest agri-food export. If people stop drinking wine how will Europe make money and if people start living a healthier lifestyle what will happen to Italy’s wine and cheese, not too long ago the world health organization put out a press release it said based on data collected between 2010 and 2016 it has been found that 290,000 people lose their life in Europe every year because of alcohol-attributable cases.

The WHO urged Europe to do more to reduce these numbers but who cares about numbers or cancer, when the focus is money hiding cancer risk from wine bottles helps Europe make that money. No wonder a factual label is being hotly contested in the European parliament, the Italian MEPs were the ones leading this campaign to hide critical information and Italy is the world’s largest wine producer.

Three MEPs led the campaign to hammer the health warning label and they later issued a victory statement let me tell you what statement said: “we have managed to get rid of the senseless recommendation to put health warnings on wine bottles as we do with packets of cigarettes.”

Let me tell you how the story ends the European parliament has rejected the cancer label they won’t tell people that wine drinking can cause cancer they’ve rejected the theory that there is no safe level for alcohol consumption meaning a glass of wine is not fine even a sip of wine is not fine that’s what science says science is pushing for this awareness but European Parliament is blocking critical communication because it has put its money elsewhere the result is this it reads cancer one economy one and health zero.

(Image Source: NYTimes)

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