The brutal repression of demonstrators in Canada

The Ottawa waves have passed, and the streets of Canada’s capital city are now virtually quiet, with just snow and stillness remaining.

The weekend was stormy, and police from all around Canada arrived in the capital. It was a tense standoff followed by protesters who were dispersed at gunpoint. Their trucks were smashed. Police on horseback took on the protesters. Many were knocked down and trampled upon.

Reports say a woman was seriously injured not too far from this. At least 100 protesters were arrested, several trucks of the freedom convoy were towed, and the police reportedly used pepper gas stun grenades, all the while maintaining that safety was their priority.

This was called the most significant police enforcement action in the country’s history. By the end of it, at least two civilians were injured, and this was happening in Canada.

A country that schools the world on dealing with protests peacefully this same weekend, Canada violently cracked down on its own people protests in Canada and had begun in late January first they were anti-vaccine protests, then they snowballed into protests against Justin Trudeau.

Over the weekend, some protesters were heard calling for freedom. This was the biggest test for prime minister Justin Trudeau, the poster boy of peace, failed miserably, and he went into hiding.

He invoked emergency in democratic Canada and unleashed the state’s police force on primarily peaceful protesters. Not too long ago, Trudeau had preached dialogue. We believe in the importance of conversation he’d said in reference to India’s former protests.

This weekend Canada’s authorities were found hiding behind social media and forgetting about dialogue. The Canadian authorities were taking to Twitter to address the protesters and to justify their violent crackdown.

Let me tell you what the Ottawa police wrote: “we told you to leave we gave you time to leave we were slow and methodical, yet you were assaultive and aggressive with officers and the horses. Based on your behavior, we are responding by including helmets and batons for our safety.”

Well, protesters disagree. They say the police came for them without any warning, Canada’s police say they have reclaimed the capital downtown Ottawa is being secured with barbed wire, but the prime minister’s office is more vulnerable than ever.

The freedom convoy has run over Trudeau’s career, and it has exposed Trudeau’s double standards. He meddled in India’s affairs, played with the sentiments of Indian farmers, and also lectured new Delhi on dealing with protests just so that he could appease voters back home.

But when protests came home to roost, Trudeau turned into a tyrant. He scuffled protests, unleashed violence, and sent police in tactical gear to fight Canadians.

Today, Justin Trudeau has alienated liberal voters with his mistreatment of the protesters, and his mishandling of the freedom convoy has hit trade on the US-Canada border. These protests were Trudeau’s opportunity to score a goal, and he could have calmly addressed anti-vac sentiments.

He could have set an example for the world to follow. All he had to do was practice what he once preached believe in the importance of dialogue. Instead, he turned Canada into a war zone and exported this crisis from France to New Zealand, Israel, and the Netherlands.

Today anti-wax protesters in new Zealand are throwing human waste that dirt is falling on Justin Trudeau, but the prime minister is being criticized globally. Local media is comparing Trudeau to China Xi Jinping why because the poster boy woke politics could not handle protests.

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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