The authentication of Kashmir silk carpets is based on QR codes

The Kashmir valley’s silk carpets are famous all over the globe, and the state government of Kashmir has mandated gi tagging for its hallmark product to protect the brand. The Indian Institute of Carpet Technology in Srinagar, commonly known as IICT, has finally begun to address Kashmir’s ill carpets.

Kashmir’s silk carpet industry will highly benefit from government steps to gi target all carpets every gi target carpet will now have a resin-based gi label and the carpet authentication geographical indication or gi will provide the customer with all the information about the product the tag will have a QR code which countries can’t retrieve the details including information like who made the carpet where was it made if it is handmade how many knots per inch does it have.

Furthermore, its shows the manufacturer’s name the colors used pile height as well as the photograph or the carpet. The government has been working on the process for years in 2010 the state had applied for gi targeting of the carpets and in 2016 the Kashmir silk carpet industry was registered under the gi targeting of goods act.

Now the process of labeling the carpets has been started by the Indian Institute of carpet technology and the Kashmir silk carpet industry had to face a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. Previously, the customers lost faith in the industry after machine-made carpets captured were marked and sold as handmade silk ones.

This led to huge losses being incurred but now the government hopes to revive the trust of consumers through gi tagging. The Director of Handicrafts Mehmood Shah told in an interview that “right now what was happening is that the machine-made carpets were misbranded as handmade carpets so and the customer satisfaction had eroded considerably now with this certification the customer trust can be earned back.”

Manufacturers will have to register themselves with the government before sending their products to the Indian Institute of carpet technology for targeting the response has been overwhelming as hundreds of carpets are pouring in at the institute for gi tagging the government also plans to start promotion of these gi target carpets across the world and especially in countries like Europe, US and Middle East where the product is highly in demand.

Kashmir silk carpets are famous across the world and have a history of over a century and now the government of Jammu and Kashmir has finally got the gi tagging for these carpets not only will it help to market these Kashmir corporates across the world but also the customers will now get to know who the weaver of the carpet is where was it manufactured how many knots it is and as well as the quality of the silk.

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