Tencent and Alibaba’s E-Commerce Platforms Included to the US Notorious Marketplaces

According to the annual infamous markets list of 2021, issued on Thursday by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, China remains the world’s leading source of counterfeit products.

The 2021 notorious markets list also identifies 42 online markets and about 35 physical markets these markets are reportedly engaging in substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright privacy, it’s important to note that counterfeit goods can pose a significant risk to the health and safety of consumers and workers alike for the first time the report identifies china’s Aliexpress and the WeChat e-commerce ecosystems.

Now these are the two significant china-based online markets that reportedly facilitate a substantial trademark counterfeit process, also the china-based online markets Baidu, Wang Pan, and dhgate to be listed the usdr review includes nine physical markets located within china and these two are known for the manufacturing distribution and sale of counterfeit goods are the physical markets around the world with a long-standing reputation as hubs for fake goods have also made it to the list and these include the central market in Cambodia’s capital the anfo market in china’s Fujian province which specializes in counterfeit goods.

Also, Beijing silk market, Balika bazaar in the tank road in India’s capital New Delhi and the 80 square block capital in Mexico City along with Moscow’s drupka market with an estimated 700 members the problem is not just limited to the developing world, even Toronto’s pacific mall is regarded as the largest Asian shopping mall in North America it is back on the ustr list.

According to the report, the shops trafficking fake items and are transitioning from physical stores to e-commerce platforms and are using physical storefronts to facilitate the fulfillment of online sales. Moreover, the usdr reports focus section examines the adverse impact of counterfeiting especially on workers involved with the manufacturing of counterfeit goods.

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