Take a look at Zendaya’s VERY FIRST Super Bowl Commercial!

Zendaya is making waves in a new Super Bowl commercial as a beach phenomenon! Super Bowl commercials are slowly pouring out ahead of the big game, and some of our favorite celebrities, like Zendaya, are starring in them!

Zendaya appears to be skipping school at Euphoria High in order to spend the day at the beach! In a Squarespace Super Bowl commercial, Z plays Sally, a woman who uses the website-building platform to sell seashells!


It’s a parody of the well-known children’s tongue twister she sells seashells on the beach! We have to hand it to Andre 3000 as a narrator because there are just too many tongue twisters in this advertisement for us to even attempt!

Thanks to Squarespace, Sally AKA Zendaya transforms into a seashell sea-celebrity by the conclusion of the commercial! Now, the ad is a big difference from what we’ve seen from Zendaya recently, especially when you consider her performance in “Euphoria” season 2 episode 5.

“I’ve been a Squarespace user for a while, so I’m familiar with the brand on a personal level,” Z told People in an interview. “So when they approached me with the notion to update the tongue twister ‘Sally Sold Seashells by the Seashore,’ I was captivated to it,” she continued. I was ecstatic to have the chance to collaborate and create with Edgar Wright and André 3000.”


“The environment was extremely gorgeous and peaceful, and it was a set filled with very creative energy,” Zendaya added, adding that she had an “overall pleasant time” shooting the ad. Most of those adjectives aren’t likely to be used by Z to describe the environment surrounding “Euphoria.”

She’s scavenging for coins all over the place! You name it: movies, TV shows, and advertising. While we’re irritated that the Super Bowl and “Euphoria” will air on the same day and overlap at some point late in the game, we can’t decide which matchup we’re most looking forward to seeing: the Rams versus the Bengals, or Maddy versus Cassie, not to mention the halftime performance! But kudos to Queen Zendaya for ensuring that no matter which huge showdown you choose to watch on Sunday, she’ll be in both!

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(Image Source: Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, Collider)

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