Sydney Sweeney Talks About the ‘Euphoria’ Nude Scenes!

Sydney Sweeney recently discussed filming her character Cassie’s nude sequences in Euphoria, praising the show’s director for never pressuring her to go naked. After two long years, HBO’s blockbuster drama series Euphoria has returned for its second season, and let’s just say the new episodes are just as…full-frontal as season one.

Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on the show, is no stranger to filming nude sequences for the show, since her character is frequently seen wearing little to no clothing. In fact, some viewers have criticised the show for displaying what they believe to be too much nuance, particularly in Cassie’s stories.

Sydney Sweeney Talks About the 'Euphoria' Nude Scenes!

Sydney, on the other hand, recently spoke to the Independent about her experience filming Cassie’s naked sequences in Euphoria, praising the show’s director, Sam Levinson, for making her feel at ease on set. “Sam is great,” Sydney told the publication. ‘I don’t really believe that’s required here,’ I would tell Sam at times when Cassie was supposed to be shirtless. ‘OK, we don’t need it,’ he said.

She went on to state that having Euphoria’s intimacy coordinator on set has made her “never feel uncomfortable,” and that she’s able to tell director Sam Levinson when anything doesn’t feel quite right while filming nude sequences. “I’ve never felt like Sam has pushed it on me or was trying to get a naked scene into an HBO programme,” Sydney continued. He didn’t force me to do anything when I didn’t want to.”

But things don’t always go as planned– Sydney told the Independent that not every project she’s worked on has been the same. “I’ve had instances where I want to go home and scrub myself completely raw because I feel terrible,” she said, adding, “I didn’t feel like I was allowed to speak up.” To be honest, we’re relieved to hear Sydney seems more at ease on the set of Euphoria, given how many times her character Cassie appears naked on-screen.

Sydney’s role in Euphoria, as a result, isn’t exactly something she can brag about to her family. Sydney said on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that her father sat down to watch Euphoria after she neglected to tell him not to since he had no idea what his daughter would be performing on the show.

“I absolutely failed to inform my father that I was doing Euphoria, and he sat down with my grandparents and activated Euphoria.” Oh my goodness, talk about awkward! This is not a show I would want to watch with my family.

Because, let’s face it, the programme has a reputation for its vivid representations of sex, violence, drugs, and, yes, frequent nudity, particularly with Cassie. In season one of Euphoria, Cassie wasn’t known for making the wisest decisions, and in a recent interview, Sydney revealed that season two will be no different, hinting at a more darker plot for her character.

“When Sam called and told me what he was considering, I was utterly taken aback. “OK, cassie, you’re making some decisions…,” I said. Yeah, I’m really interested to see how everything plays out in season two! For the time being, viewers may look forward to the next episode of Euphoria, which will premiere on HBO Max on January 30th. The rest of season two is going to be full of surprises for Cassie and the rest of the cast, and we can’t wait to see how all of the drama unfolds.

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