Storm Franklin makes landfall in the United Kingdom following the devastation caused by Hurricanes Eunice and Dudley

After storms Dudley and Eunice slammed the UK, the country has been pounded by its third storm in a week. Massive evacuation efforts took place last week.

Currently, underway the storm franklin brought hurricane-force winds and flooding in the wake of the deadly storm Eunice.

As eyewitnesses captured the storm franklin battering a harbor in Scotland flooding has been reported in northern Ireland. Meanwhile, the people in Yorkshire and manchester have been forced to leave their homes for safety thousands of households remained without power following one of the worst UK storms in decades.

Storm Franklin

London’s Gatwick airport also experienced a 20-minute power outage on Sunday evening. According to the UK’s med department, the strongest winds will be in Northern Ireland where an amber alert has been issued and the authorities managing train services have strongly advised against traveling our services are expected to be paralyzed by gale-force winds and lashing rainfall.

London’s arena will remain closed until Friday as part of its roof was destroyed by storm Uranus last week.

It prompted the evacuation of around a thousand people on Friday, the storm killed three people and caused widespread disruptions trees were toppled trains had to be canceled schools were closed power supplies were impacted as well.

At least six more deaths were reported in Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands before Eunice, Britain was battered by storm Dudley on Wednesday.

(Image Source: BBC and Guardian)

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