Soon, Olivia Rodrigo will release a massive collaboration as the lead single

It’s about to be a busy year for Olivia Rodrigo, who’s scheduled to embark on her “Sour” global tour in April. She’s supposed to be releasing a HUGE collab with a mystery artist only months before starting off her “Sour” world tour. In addition to the “global tour,” Olivia appears to be planning the release of some very interesting new songs.

An anonymous tip to the gossip site Duexmoi recently spilled some significant tea about Olivia and even indicated that a major collaboration is on the way—and soon. It’s no wonder that the industry’s biggest names want to collaborate with Olivia, and this mysterious collaboration appears to have a lot of potential. “Olivia Rodrigo tea – HUGE collab is coming in a few weeks,” the message begins, before continuing, “I dont know whether it will be the main single for new album, but it will make news anyway.”

Olivia Rodrigo

This is huge news, especially because “abcdefu” singer GAYLE hinted at a possible collaboration with Olivia during a recent interview with Capital FM. A collaboration between these two is a no-brainer! Put combined in a new song, the punk-rock intensity of “abcdefu” and “good 4 u” would be the breakup tune of the year, hands down.

While it’s unclear who Olivia will collaborate with or if new songs will be released before her “Sour” tour, it’s safe to assume she will. And, believe it or not, this isn’t the only Olivia tea that’s been circulating on the internet recently.

Olivia just made a significant shift in her work life by firing her manager, Kristen Smith. Olivia quit her old management just weeks before going on tour, according to a report in the British newspaper The Sun.

While the cause for Olivia’s choice is unknown, the insider claimed that after “Kristen helped make Olivia an international sensation,” “cracks” began to appear in their relationship. “Things’s never a good moment to change management,” the source said, “but switching it up so close to a tour is a special hardship.”

“The staff at her label Interscope is making sure everything stay on track when it comes to the tour,” the statement said. She’s currently actively seeking new leadership and examining all of her choices.” While rumours of Olivia dumping Kristen as her manager may make it appear as if there’s some drama going on behind the scenes, Olivia is working hard on new projects, including what may be the release of some new songs in the coming months!

(Image Source: MTV, Teen Vogue)

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