Selena Gomez’s relationship rumors have apparently infuriated Chris Evans

The Chris Evans/Selena Gomez relationship rumours aren’t going away anytime soon, but insiders are now alleging that Chris is irritated by the continual curiosity about his personal life.

Despite several sources saying that nothing is going on between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans, fans are still reluctant to let the concept of Selena Gomez and Chris Evans simmer– whether it’s a similar-looking clothing or a reflection in a window. Selena’s bestie Taylor Swift shared a TikTok of the two backstage at Saturday Night Live in November, prompting the newest rumour to make its way around Twitter.

Chris Evans

Fans quickly recognised Sel in a white cable knit sweater similar to the one Chris’ character wore in his film Knives Out. The sweaters, however, turned out to be two entirely different brands and one huge coincidence. This storey started after Chris followed Selena on Instagram in September, and not long after that, he published a video of himself playing the piano with a reflection of a woman with a brown bob cut recording him in the corner of the video.

All of the conjecture has been a stretch, given there is no proof of this film showing anybody as particular as a brunette bob haircut, and Chris appears to be feeling the strain of this false narrative. “My acquaintance who works closely with Chris’ management indicated that the storey is, Chris is really irritated over people speculating about his relationship, notably the rumour with SG,” a tip to prominent Instagram gossip account Deux Moi read.

When asked if the tip was real or not, the I-G account replied, “YES!” This, I’ve heard, is correct! I’m not sure whether you’re simply fishing, but I heard something similar around a month ago.” So, people, the notion that Chris and Selena are having an affair has been refuted again again. Chris is very discreet about all parts of his personal life, but he was recently photographed unconcerned about the allegations while celebrating the holidays with Mickey and the crew in Disney World, and spoiler alert: there was no mention of Selena.

But, hey, if they were to use their supposed “chemistry” in any way, shape, or form, this fan had a million-dollar idea, saying, “Sorry but imma need either Selena Gomez in a Marvel movie or Chris Evans in Only Murders in the Building… I’m sure their chemistry will be fantastic.”

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