Scott Disick Makes A Flirty Remark To Khloe Kardashian?

Some folks are questioning if Scott Disick’s comment on Khloe Kardashian’s recent Instagram goes a touch too far with his baby mama’s sister.

Khloe Kardashian recently posted a selfie of herself wearing an SKIMS strapless onesie and just captioned it with a brown heart emoji. While Koko looks great in the outfit, Scott went a step farther by remarking, “Looking 2 fantastic” with a fire emoji.

scott disick and khloe kardashian

Anyone who has followed the Kardashian-Jenner family from the beginning knows that Khloe and Scott have a very tight connection, and that these sentiments are nothing but encouraging.

Some admirers, on the other hand, mistook it for Scott being particularly flirtatious and screamed in the comments area. “Just get with her already,” one fan said. “It’ll be strange and messy but dammit just get together now,” another commented, echoing the previous statement. “Damn, did y’all stretch before that reach?” one user stood out from the pack, defending their relationship. They’ve always been like this. They are the best of friends. Why do people persist on portraying things as something they aren’t?”

While Scott appears to be raising some eyebrows in Khloe’s comment area, Khloe herself has had folks talking when an old Keeping Up with the Kardashians tape from 2018 of her offering Kim dating advise emerged. To give you some perspective, in the video, Kim is talking to her sister about a crazy fight she had with Kanye West over a band-aid — if this is your first time hearing it, trust me when I say it gets wilder.

To cut a long tale short, Kanye is dissatisfied with the available Band-Aids in the home and has requested that Kim provide him with one that matches his skin tone. And it’s at this moment that Kim has had enough and devises a plan for Kanye. “And I said, ‘Call the housekeeping,'” says the narrator. Let’s go grab a bandaid for her. He then said, “Why can’t you do it?” You’d get one from Saint. And I’m like, “OMG, you’re fighting Saint?”

But, for the time being, Kim and Kanye’s band-aid disagreement isn’t a heated subject of conversation. Many people are concentrating on Khloe’s choice of words to Kim, which has sparked a lot of disagreement, with many people claiming, “Oh, that’s why Khloe is the way she is in relationships.” Anyway, here’s what Khloe had to say when Kim told her tale about the band-aid. “But, if getting the Band-Aid is going to help him feel better… if getting the Band-Aid is going to make him feel more loved, don’t you want to just get the Band-Aid?”

As you might expect, fans had a lot to say about it, with many pointing out that Khloe is always too eager to “do everything” for her partner over her own needs, such as this person who wrote, “Her response speaks volumes bc underneath she’s saying “Don’t you just want to do everything your man tells you to do so that he feels loved & he stays?” “Khloe is going to keep having these men run over her feelings with that attitude,” another wrote. There are no limits or self-respect.”

While some fans sympathised with Khloe, suggesting that her lack of boundaries and self-esteem could be the result of deep-seated insecurities, such as this person, who said, “It seems Khloe got all glammed up and all but inside is still that young girl with self-esteem issues who believes she doesn’t deserve love and respect and needs to bend over backwards so the guy she loves will be with her.” We’re curious as to when she will regret making the programme because she has given her sisters so much powerful advise over the years – especially in the beginning. We all know how much Khloe loves inspiring words, and these retro episodes appear to be yet another fantastic source of guidance from Khloe herself.

(Image Source: CheatSheet, Life & Style)

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