S Jaishankar India’s Economic Affairs Minister is in France on a three-day visit

S.J. Shankar, India’s foreign affairs minister, is in France for a three-day visit, where he will meet with senior French authorities. After visiting Germany and attending the Munich Security Conference, Jaishankar arrived in France on Sunday.

On the first day of the visit, Jaishankar held wide-ranging talks with his French counterpart and the two leaders discussed issues related to strategic cooperation. In the indo-pacific and the Ukraine situation the focus was primarily on trade investment defense security and building of people-to-people contact.

The two also exchanged views on the ongoing Afghanistan crisis and the long dragged nuclear deal, they also adopted the India-France and road map on the blue economy and ocean governance. The three-day visit aims to cement bilateral defense cooperation between India and France and also aims to strengthen the security environment in the indo-pacific.

During his three-day visit, Shankar will also attend the EU ministerial forum for cooperation in the indo-pacific he will also be holding bilateral meetings with the counterparts from the EU and other indo-pacific countries on the sidelines of that forum.

India’s external affairs minister dr S Jaishankar is in France and then will his Europe visit on day one that is Sunday he had wide-ranging talks with the french foreign minister and after which a joint vision document was issued on the blue economy.

The governors when it comes to the oceans specifically highlight rules-based order when it comes to the indo-pacific now we know that during this visit he will be calling on the French president and also holding a meeting with the Indian envoys in Europe outlining the vision of New Delhi when it comes to dealing with Europe.

We know that India is in talks with the European Union for a free trade agreement but also on indo-pacific but perhaps the most significant part of his three-day visit will be his participation in a meeting organized by France, the Sunday’s presidency of the European council six months presidency so this meet will happen tomorrow on the issue of indo-pacific almost 30 foreign ministers Europe and indo-pacific region are going to participate also there will be a trilateral which is expected to happen between India, Indonesia, and Australia.

We know that when it comes to France this is a relationship that has been strengthened over the past few years, especially when it comes to defense.

Also, we can expect the Indian prime minister to visit the country sometime later this year to further strengthen this relationship which has now focused on several areas specifically when it comes to counterterrorism.

(Image Source: The Indian Express)

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