Robert Pattinson was high during the ‘Twilight’ audition?

According to reports, Robert Pattinson admits to being high during his Twilight audition and was on the verge of being fired from the project owing to a disagreement with the creators.

We will always remember Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, despite his appearances in a variety of notable productions outside of the Twilight film series. Rob was just featured on the cover of GQ’s March 2022 edition, which was heavily influenced by the year 2000.

Robert Pattinson

But it wasn’t simply Robert’s cover shoot that piqued people’s curiosity; his subsequent interview did as well. Rob discussed his Twilight audition with GQ for their latest “most iconic characters” video, noting that he wasn’t exactly…all there when he first auditioned for the film.

“I’d started to have this terrible phobia of auditions,” he told the newspaper. I’d be excited about something, and then on the day of the audition, my whole confidence would crumble,” he continued, explaining that the same thing had happened to him the morning of his Twilight audition.

Robert was hilariously living on his agent’s sofa at the time, who advised him to calm down by swallowing a valium pill. “I had never taken valium before,” Robert says. I recall feeling incredible in the back of the taxi with the window open, thinking to myself, “Wow, this is what I’ve been missing.” Okay, this is hilarious, and it makes sense for T-B-H! Rob went on to say that using valium might have made his audition a little…fuzzy, but that it might have given him an advantage while auditioning for the mysterious Edward Cullen.

(Robert) “I suppose in the audition I had this spacey, disconnected thing going on, which must have worked for the character.” Yes, it succeeded, as evidenced by the fact that he not only got the part but also went on to star in the sequel flicks. But, believe it or not, Robert stated that he came close to being dismissed from Twilight during the filming process.

Yes, Rob opened out to GQ about some of his behind-the-scenes conflicts with filmmakers “I was 21 at the time, and I wanted it to be as artistic as possible. We were in a peculiar state of anxiety. I thought it was the only way to play it because the studio was afraid of making things too emo. I was enraged for a long time.” Then he went on to say, “It’s probably something to do with the fact that I’m 21. “They were like, ‘Okay, whatever you’re doing right now, after lunch, just do the opposite or you’ll be fired by the end of the day,'” he continued, “and they were like, ‘Okay, whatever you’re doing right now, after lunch, just do the opposite or you’ll be fired by the end of the day.”

Robert was not fired, but can you conceive a replacement? No one else could have played Edward as well as he did. During the same GQ interview, Robert did admit to lying in interviews all the time, adding that he’ll “just make stuff up” during interviews “in order to say anything at all.” He doesn’t appear to be the easiest person to work with, yet he’s always booked! Following that, fans can expect to see him in the highly anticipated action film The Batman, which will hit theatres next month.

(Image Source: Allure, US Magazine)

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