Police arrest 77 people in Ottawa during a Truckers’ Protest in Canada

The police attack on the freedom caravan began in Ottawa, with hundreds of cops descending on protestors and detaining activists as well as pulling trucks that had been blocking the roadways. While some protesters fled, the most remained.

Now, the demonstrators burst out with the national anthem of Canada and occasional scuffles broke out between police and protesters, then police have arrested over 70 protesters and towed away vehicles blocking the streets and clearing streets under siege by the freedom convoy project.


Protesters have been blockading downtown Ottawa with heavy trucks which were lined up outside parliament and the Canadian prime minister Trudeau’s office, hundreds of police officers have now started evacuating the protesters as truckers continue their demand suspension of all Covid mandates.

Meanwhile, the 12 Canadian ministers say the protesters must leave and should not be allowed to circle the authority of democratically elected governments and the country’s deputy prime minister called these protests a foreign-funded threat.

Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland told that “if your truck is being used in these protests your bank account will be frozen and your insurance will be suspended, the consequences for taking part in these illegal blockades are real and when this crisis is over all of us are going to need to work hard to heal our country but today our economy and our democracy are facing a serious and foreign funded threat.”

Later, Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino said “for anyone who continues to remain as part of the illegal blockade we have a very simple and straightforward message leave, leave now and enforcement operations are being undertaken and for your safety the safety of canadians and the safety of those law enforcement officers who are on the ground discharging their responsibilities right now the best thing that you can do is to leave.”

A number of trucks soon began to leave under pressure and tow truck operators arrived under police escort and started removing campers and other vehicles parked shoulder to shoulder near parliament. Some trucks were seen being driven away now the scuffle broke out in front of a downtown hotel police have sealed off much of the area to outsiders.

On Monday, Trudeau invoked emergency powers to give his government wider authority to stop the protests legislators were supposed to debate those temporary powers on Friday. However, the house of commons suspended its session citing police activity now hundreds of trucker-led protesters have been occupying the Canadian capital center for three weeks now and they have been defiant against the order to disperse or face arrests.

The so-called freedom convoy began with truckers protesting against mandatory covert vaccines to cross the u.s border the demands have now grown to include an end to all pandemic rules.

(Image Source: The Guardian, CNN)

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