Who is 15 years old Paleontologist Aswatha Biju?

Aswatha Biju is a 15-year-old paleontologist from Chennai, India. Her fascination with fossils has brought her around the globe, and she even runs a small fossil museum in Chennai.

Who is Aswatha Biju?

Aswatha Biju

In India, Aswatha Biju attends Sri Chaitanya Techno School. She is a 15-year-old paleontologist who has been fascinated by it since she was just five years old.

An Indian schoolgirl has been dubbed “India’s Young Paleontologist.” Bahrain’s lands seem amazing to most people, but it may be a treasure trove of fossils for her.

She spends long hours at fossil sites across India, trying to unearth prehistoric artifacts that may or may not have been fossilized, such as conqueror shells and dinosaur bones, which are subsequently preserved as microfossil specimens.

Her mentors have also helped her become adept in extracting, identifying, and researching fossils. At home the 15-year-old paleontologist has even curated a miniature fossil museum it’s her collection of over fossils all unearthed from sites across India she doesn’t stop with collecting and studying fossils she even teaches her peer group about it because fossils are key to understanding the world we live in.

Aswatha has received multiple accolades for her work with fossils, including the Prime Minister’s Award for Children, which is reserved for children for outstanding efforts. It is the highest distinction yet for the young birding paleontologist.

“My ambition is to pursue the field of palaeontology and be a renowned palaeontologist under the molecular palaeontology division as for the aspirations I have for the field of palaeontology for mostly in india we have more than 15 fossil sites wherein I visited three fossil sites two in tamil nadu and one in maharashtra and I’ve collected 136 fossil specimens from these regions,” Aswatha Biju said in an interview with a news publication.

She is working towards making it big in her field and focusing on molecular paleontology, which involves the recovery and analysis of DNA from fossils to understand the evolution of different species, in addition to her usual studies at school.

Paleontology, the study of animal and plant fossils, is not well known in India at the moment, but by taking serious measures like setting up a paleontology or fossil museum at home with over 130 samples, it can become so. Hiawatha hopes to raise public awareness about the issue so that it can be addressed more quickly. She is also taking online and offline classes, not just for her friends and peers, but also for her seniors and even college-aged students. In the future, she hopes to pursue a professional course in paleontology so that she can not only study and document India’s paleontological history but also help conserve it.

(Image Source: The Better India, Facebook)

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