Nine families of Sandy Hook victims have reached a $73 million deal with the weapons manufacturer

Families of nine victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting have reached a 73 million dollar settlement with US gun manufacturer Remington. This historic agreement comes at a time when campus massacres are on the rise in the US. This is the first time a gun manufacturer has been held responsible for a public shooting in the US.

The family sued Remington in 2014 and has fought for years the fight was made difficult due to u.s law which protects gun makers from most lawsuits. Francine Wheeler who is the Sandy Hook Massacre Victim’s mother said in the interview “our legal system has given us some justice today but as I told josh koskoff a few weeks ago David and i will never have true justice true justice would be our 15 year old healthy and standing next to us right nown but benny will never be 15.”

Sandy Hook school

Now the suit found a way around the protective law by focusing the case on Remington’s marketing strategy victim families argue that Remington knowingly marketed a military-grade weapon for civilian use the case alleged that the gun ar 15 is grossly unsuited for commercial sale the lawsuit also argued that the company marketed ar-15 through video games which the shooter was known to play the plaintiffs also cited advertisement of high-capacity magazines which have military utility by the company highlighting that ar15 guns have become the most used weapon in mass shootings.

The shooting took place in the year 2012 at the sandy hook elementary school a 20-year-old man adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people at an elementary school in Connecticut the victims included 20 children and six teachers the incident is the second deadly school massacre in the history of the united states adam Lanza had developmental disabilities his former classmates said that Lanza was a shy and unusually intelligent student in newton high school he used to dress more formally than other students investigation revealed that Lanza was obsessed with mass murders in the run-up to the attack.

Lance’s mother was a gun enthusiast she had bought him an ar-15 style Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle more than two years before the shooting he murdered his mother before attacking the school and then he killed himself u.s president joe Biden lauded the historic settlement Biden stated the settlement will help ensure that gun manufacturer are now accountable adding that gun manufacturers must be part of the solution to the gun violence pandemic and want if companies fail to do so then they will bear the financial brunt of their complicity.

Remington arms will pay 73 million dollars to the families of four adults and five children killed in the shooting the payments will be made through insurance payouts and release all the discovery and deposition material to the public.

(Image source: NYTimes, The Denver Post)

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