NATO is bolstering its eastern flank in response to a reported Russian threat

The US and its NATO partners have been concerned about Russia’s army deployment along the Ukrainian border for months. The west has given multiple warnings that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine by stationing military equipment near the Ukrainian border. They are concerned about a replay of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

Though the western allies have been pushing to solve the crisis to diplomacy their strategy on the ground is no different than that of Moscow after meeting the nato defense ministers in Brussels secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance is waiting to send fresh troops to its eastern and southeastern member countries.


In the Press conference, he said “today ministers decided to develop options for further strengthen nato’s deterrence and defense including to consider establishing new nato battle groups in central and eastern and southeastern Europe.”

In the latest on the build-up from the west, the united states are all set to deploy additional forces to Europe amid the tensions, the US members of the 101st airborne division from Fort Campbell in Kentucky to nato allied countries. Furthermore, the US troops assigned to the 82nd airborne division set up and operating base on an airfield close to the city of Samos in eastern Poland the troops are among thousands being deployed by the united states to Poland to reinforce allies on nato’s eastern flank.

While Russia says that it has withdrawn some of its troops after completion of drills from Ukrainian borders the nato allies have outrightly dismissed all of Moscow’s claims Stoltenberg said that nato can prove Russia’s failure to withdraw troops from Ukrainian borders with satellite images. Later, Jens Stoltenberg said “so far we have not seen any Russian de-escalation, but of course we are closely monitored and following what they are doing. Then if they really start withdraw forces that’s something we will welcome but that remains to be seen.”

Recent remarks by the nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg have worked Moscow naturally the Russian foreign ministry slammed Stoltenberg and said that it was no longer interested in statements by him.

(Image Source: Nato, DW)

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