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Moriah Elizabeth is a Youtuber, Influencer, and best known for her collection of DIY squishies, and Wreck This Journal videos. Lately, she is making headlines after she revealed her 10-month-old baby.

To contrast herself with Kylie Jenner, Moriah revealed a secret: she was a mother. In late 2020, after learning she was pregnant, she took her time to get used to what would be a significant change in her life.

Her pregnancy, she acknowledged, was a “huge surprise,” even though she had always planned to have children. Moriah discusses the challenges of her lifestyle and raising a child in her video.

According to Moriah, her daughter won’t be showing up much in her crafting tutorial videos. Moriah wants her kid to have some control over her privacy, so she chooses to withhold her name. She wants to shield her daughter on a forum where users may be so frank in their criticism.

Who is Moriah Elizabeth?

Moriah Elizabeth


Moriah Elizabeth


November 14, 1994


27 years old





Birth Place


Net Worth

$3 Million to $5 Million USD

American YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth is well-known for her soft makeovers and her book, “Create This Book.” She has published two books, the second of which is called Create This Book 2 and titled Create This Book.

The majority of her new words, such as drainting, particularisms, obnoxion, and many others, may be found in the urban dictionary. Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishes is another YouTube series that Moriah has where she accepts unboxed squishies from her fans who typically have them broken, defaced, or without a part.

The obsession Moriah is known for having with rainbows, foodimals, pastel colors, sprinkles, and other things. In addition to Squishy Makeovers and Create This Book, she also has several more series, including Bake with ME, Painting on Things, Art Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home, and Thrift Store Makeovers.

How old is Moriah Elizabeth?

Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth was born on November 14, 1994, in the USA, she is 27 years old.

Who is Moriah Elizabeth’s Boyfriend?

Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth is married to Jordan at 19. Currently, she shares a daughter, but she has not revealed anything about her past relationship, not a current relationship.

How Rich is Moriah Elizabeth’s Net Worth?

Moriah Elizabeth

The estimated Net Worth of Moriah Elizabeth is between $3 Million to $5 Million USD.

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