Meet the World’s First deep fake candidate, Yoon Seok-Youl

A presidential candidate in South Korea is redefining what that means by creating a digital avatar of himself to sway voters, a deep fake model to make himself appear “cooler.” His name is Yoon Seok-Youl, and he is being dubbed the “world’s first deep fake candidate” because his digital avatar is gaining more traction than his real self.

He is a South Korean attorney a former public prosecutor and now a presidential candidate but the is not him it’s AI Yoon his digital after a deep fake model made with hours of specially recorded footage.

What for making this middle-aged politician look cool? how exactly? by arming him with salty language witty answers and meme ready quips all in a bid to engage young voters who get most of the news online this concept is gaining traction in South Korea which has the world’s fastest average internet speeds.

The creators say it’s said to be used more and more in future elections it’s so easy to create huge amounts of content with deep fake technology as long as staffers spend some time on it it is inevitable that this will be used more and more in future elections AI Yoon is the world’s first official deep fake candidate with neatly combed hair and a smart suit it looks uncannily similar to the real Yoon.

Only that it’s more humorous more charming and less politically correct it mockingly refers to the south Korean president Moon Jae-in as moon ding-dong and his rival lee Jae-meung has li ding dong the answers may seem to be impromptu but they’re written by his campaign team they’ve built this after through 3,000 sentences and 20 hours of audio and video stored in their database.

They framed the replies by drawing on millennial lingo and pop culture references currently trending in South Korea this is challenging carefully honed rhetoric usually found in public policy debates.

Rival candidates accuse his team of downgrading political decorum but their snark appears to be working it’s been a huge hit attracting millions of views since making its debut it has even turned the elections into a neck and neck battle Yoon has pulled way ahead of his rivals with waters in their twenties but where does he plan to draw the line deep fake technology is a double-edged sword it can blur the lines between reality and illusion.

Does a giggle-inducing digital after qualifying someone to be a statesman? two sensational answers scripted beforehand outweigh a politician’s ability to perform south Koreans will be grappling with these questions when they cast their vote.

(Image Source: South China Morning Post)

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