Macron suggests a Conference in Ukraine to help Ease Russian Tensions

With tensions escalating in eastern Ukraine, western nations have ramped up diplomatic efforts to see whether a Russian invasion of Ukraine can be avoided. Of note, France has undertaken a series of discussions with all parties involved in an attempt to de-escalate the hostilities.

The French presidency has announced that both the president of the united states Joe Biden and the Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have accepted in principle to hold a summit to discuss security and strategic stability in Europe, the Francis said that there is some diplomatic hope of resolving the Ukrainian crisis and now the LAC in a statement is clarified that the summit can only happen so long as Russia does not invade into Ukraine.

But the summit proposed by France will be expanded to include all stakeholders and has been finalized after a series of calls by the French premier. Emmanuel Macron rang up the Russian president and held a conversation that lasted reportedly for 105 minutes in which both leaders have agreed to work for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and also to intensify the diplomatic efforts.

The French president abandoned Mark Ross subsequently also spoke with the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelinsky. Following this, the Ukrainian president called for the resumption of talks with Russia under the OSCE auspices confirming support for the immediate convening of the trilateral contact grouping which includes Ukraine, Russia, and the OSCE.

Ukraine has also reiterated the call to intensify the peace process and has called for an immediate sea spot the LSE has confirmed that Macron and Putin then had a second call on Sunday evening which lasted for another 60 odd minutes, where they discussed the possibility of de-escalation of tensions in the region following this Emmanuel Macron then it parlayed with his American counterpart Biden and they discussed the ongoing diplomacy and also the Terence efforts.

The united states have now agreed to attend Ukraine, the summit called by France on the condition that Russia does not invade the french negotiations have built up some hope of possible resolutions. But uncertainties also continue the west continues to warn that Russia is poised to invade Ukraine at a moment of its choice Washington has even accused Moscow of using the protest of a false flag operation.

It has been a weekend of intense diplomacy intense telephoning by Emmanuel macron the french president picking up the phone to speak to Vladimir Zelinski the Ukrainian president on Saturday.

Two different phone calls with Vladimir Putin on Sunday and also speaking to joe Biden the u.s president, Boris johnson the UK prime minister, and Olaf Schultz the german chancellor those two calls with Vladimir Putin came before and after he’d spoken to western allies and we had a conclusion of those talks with Vladimir Putin.

In the early hours of the morning, the french presidency sent out notes after the conclusion of those calls at 1:46 a.m, so this morning french time very late calls with Vladimir Putin trying to ensure that there is a framework for a possible leaders summit between the u.s president joe Biden and Vladimir Putin his Russian counterparts.

Any potential summit there would be the possibility for the groundwork to be laid for that summit, this Thursday the 24th of February all eyes on a potential meeting between Anthony Blink the US secretary of state, and Sergey Lavrov his Russian counterpart the foreign minister-level so the secretary of state and foreign minister trying to work out iron those details for their bosses, the two presidents to potentially meet the first time since Donald trump the former US president held talks with Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital Helsinki 2018.

looking for a possible resolution to this Ukrainian summit the Ukrainian crisis at this summit Joe Biden says he’s agreed to this summit in principle on the condition, that Russia does not invade Ukraine, and Russia for its part says it has no intention of doing that. Its building up of troops is something it’s just doing domestically on its territory with no intention of an invasion or an incursion into Ukraine.

So, Emmanuel Macron the French president trying to shuttle diplomacy different calls with different leaders to try to ensure that there is still a path for dialogue because the overall situation especially from the US side has made it clear that they believe that Moscow is headed for an invasion of Ukraine, but France very much still trying to find a root out of this crisis via dialogue.

(Image Source: Politico Eu)

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