Kelly Gale Net Worth: How Rich is Swedish-Australian Model?

Kelly Gale, aka Kelly Olivia Gale, is a Swedish-Australian model. Recently, Victoria’sVictoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale raised concerns on Instagram about the picture of her slim figure which she posted on a Sunday. Many of her fans expressed concern over her looks. One user said, “You are beautiful, but you are now too thin.” Another said l “You look so skinny,” while another said, “What happened, you are such a beautiful woman, but it seems you lost weight a lot… hope everything is okay,” An individual wrote, “Please stop skinny shaming Kelly. You have no idea what goes on in someone’s life. And some people are naturally slim, especially when they are young. I was nearly two stone lighter in my 20’s20’s and ate like a horse,” added, “I used to hate it when strangers would come up to me and comment on my weight. I would never dream of commenting on someone’s body shape.” the individual concluded, “Please be mindful. Would you say this to her face if you saw her? Probably not. So keep it to yourself, hey x.”

What is Kelly Gale’s Net Worth?

Kelly Gale Net Worth
$3 Million to $5 Million USD

Kelly Gale

Kelly Gale, aka Kelly Olivia Gale, is a Swedish-Australian model. She was born in 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden; she is 27 years old. Gale is known for her work for Playboy, Victoria’sVictoria’s Secret, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She also lived in Ghana for four years and in Australia. Her Instagram boasts 1.6 Million followers with 2399 posts. She runs a youtube channel under her name, which has around 93.9K subscribers. Her youtube bio reads, “I’ll be posting videos showing my favorite workout routines & recipes. I’llI’ll also post personal tips I’veI’ve gathered in my many years of modeling on how to include healthy recipes and workouts while traveling or on the go.” In 2013 she was chosen to walk at the Victoria’sVictoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In addition, a gale has been in adverts and catalogs of H&M and H-I-G-H.

The estimated Net Worth of Kelly Gale is between $3 Million to $5 Million USD.

(Image Source: Kelly Gale Instagram)

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