Katie Mills, JoJo Siwa’s Ex has Apologized for her Nasty Social Media Statements

Just days after her suspected girlfriend, Katie Mills, apologised for her problematic prior comments on social media, Jojo Siwa said that she is definitely back on the market.

Jojo Siwa greeted in the new year by announcing herself single and ready to mingle! Jojo’s relationship life was tumultuous in 2021, with her and ex Kylie Prew calling it quits last year after dating for just over nine months.

Katie Mills

Jojo was competing on season 30 of Dancing With The Stars at the time of their breakup, and she opened up about how tough the split was for her, despite the fact that it was amicable. Jojo, on the other hand, appeared to be getting back into the dating game after she was sighted with a new mystery girl, sparking reports of a new romance.

Katie Mills was verified as Jojo’s claimed girlfriend after the two were pictured together at a Los Angeles Lakers game last month. Katie and Jojo appeared to be seated side-by-side during the game, and the reported couple even took to TikTok to share some incredibly cute dance videos. Katie’s TikTok video from last month shows her and Jojo becoming particularly close, with Katie commenting the video, “she keeps me smiling.”

While the alleged evidence of their romance may have been persuasive, Jojo has recently made it apparent that she is unmarried, much to our surprise. Jojo made a TikTok tell-all about herself on January 1st in the hopes of duetting the video at the end of the year and seeing how her life has altered. JoJo revealed that her current favourite song is the Grease soundtrack, and that gaining a six-pack was her “personal focus.”

Katie Mills

And some of Jojo’s fans may be breathing a sigh of relief, because, as we’ve already established, Katie Mills is a…controversial character among Jojo fans. Katie got into trouble after many transphobic and pro-Trump remarks were resurfaced online shortly after she began to appear on JoJo’s TikTok. Katie questioned if trans people are “really women” in a Twitter post from 2018, and then reposted a post that said, “I’m sorry @realDonaldTrump we let you down” following the 2020 Presidential Election.

Many social media users were quick to dismiss Katie as a result, with some fans even appealing with Jojo to end whatever romantic links she may have had with her. Katie apologised on social media after being revealed for her abusive remarks, adding, “There is stuff that Trump did that I DO support, and there is stuff that I DID NOT support.” Biden is in the same boat.” Katie also responded to her transphobic remark, claiming that she was raised in a conservative religion that forced her to “shun out” the LGBTQ+ community, despite the fact that she has known she is homosexual since she was 11 years old.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but one thing’s for sure: despite the fact that Jojo is still active in Katie’s life, the two aren’t dating in the aftermath of Katie’s online cancellation. At least, not any longer. For the time being, Jojo hasn’t made any public statements about her connection with Katie, so we don’t know if they were ever dating or just friends in the first place.

(Image Source: Dominique Clare, EOnline)

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