Jojo Siwa Confirms Her Split From Kylie Prew, Claiming It Was The Wrong Time

Jojo Siwa recently confirmed her breakup with now-ex Kylie Prew after weeks of rumours, and made her first public remark about it.

Jojo and Kylie were dating for little over a year, and the duo was always flaunting their beautiful PDA on social media. So when Jojo and Kylie neglected to publish a post commemorating their nine-month anniversary, as they usually did every month, people began to speculate that the pair had called it quits.

Kylie Prew

To add fuel to the fire, observant spectators noticed Kylie, who was normally present during Jojo’s Dancing With The Stars performances, was noticeably absent. “JoJo and Kylie did split up,” a source close to the pair later told Us Weekly.

The split is known to some members of the [Dancing With the Stars] cast.” Fans were shocked, as it was difficult to believe Kylie and Jojo’s whirlwind relationship had come to an end. Jojo and Kylie have yet to issue an official comment on the topic, but when the pair untagged each other from their Instagram pictures, all indicators led to “break.”

Finally, fans have received confirmation from Jojo herself that the pair has decided to part ways. When questioned about her love life on Paris Hilton’s podcast “This is Paris,” Jojo shared the bad news, adding, “I have yet to talk about this formally, publicly, but we broke up.”

Thankfully, Jojo went on to say that she and Kylie are still great friends and that the breakup had no negative consequences. She went on to say that they still communicate every day and that Kylie recently acquired a new dog. “She’s amazing; she’s having the time of her life, and I’m having the time of my life, so I’m happy I didn’t lose her entirely.” But, you know, friendships don’t have to end just because romances do.” And Jojo appears to be having a blast on Dancing with the Stars, where she and her partner Jenna Johnson have won not one, but two flawless scores!

Jojo did, however, discuss her grief and how the relationship taught her a vital lesson, claiming that her and Kylie’s relationship was a textbook instance of “wrong person, wrong time.” “I’m incredibly delighted that I recall all the nice days and that nothing negative has ever occurred to me.” Right person, wrong time is the epitome of a cliché phrase, and I despise cheesy sayings, but they’re true.” “Everything is wonderful,” she said at the end of the interview, despite the recent separation. “I’m still okay,” she said, adding that she and her ex-boyfriend would “take a bullet” for one other.

Jojo never revealed why she and Kylie broke up, but she hinted that it had something to do with the fact that they were both so young, with Kylie being 17 and Jojo being 18. With a schedule as hectic as Jojo’s, we can see how difficult it would be to maintain a stable relationship, especially at such a young age. This is a difficult situation to be in, and we’re sending our best wishes to Jojo as she continues to experience the ups and downs of sadness. It’s a good thing she’s kept busy with ventures like Dancing with the Stars and has mentors like Jenna and Paris to count on for assistance.

(Image Source: People, TheSun)

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