Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Near-Death Experience in a Plane Crash!

Jennifer Lawrence is counting her blessings after revealing the terrible moment she thought she was going to die in an aircraft accident when the jet was forced to make an emergency landing. While many people wish to live the extravagant lifestyle that Jennifer Lawrence lives, it appears that the grass is greener on the other side, as she recently revealed an event that was straight out of a nightmare.

Jennifer recalled a moment when she was afraid she was going to die when a private jet she was travelling on had double-engine failure while on the cover of Vanity Fair’s December issue, ahead of the release of her anticipated comedy picture Don’t Look Up. Jen opened her narrative by joking (in true Jennifer Lawrence way) that flying private meant “I deserve to die.” She was one of only two passengers on the plane, along with the son of the doctor who delivered both her and her brothers.

Jennifer Lawrence 

After boarding a trip from Louisville, Kentucky to New York City, she became genuine about her experience when the passengers were informed that the plane would be making an emergency landing in Buffalo.

“All that was left in the seat was my bones,” Jennifer remembered. “I started leaving tiny mental voicemails to my family, you know, ‘I’ve had a fantastic life, I’m sorry,'” she says, adding, “I started leaving little mental voicemails to my family, you know, ‘I’ve had a great life, I’m sorry.” “I simply felt guilty,” she said, explaining why she felt compelled to apologise to her family. Everyone was going to be so disappointed. The hardest thing, though, was having [my dog] Pippi on my lap. This small creature didn’t ask to be a part of any of it.”

Jen stated that it was at that point, just as she began to get a clear view of the runway, which was lined with fire engines and ambulances, that she realised the only thing she could do was pray. “I started praying,” she explained. Not to the particular God with whom I grew up, since he was terrible and harsh. But I thought to myself, “Oh, my God, maybe we’ll make it through this?” Jenn understood she had far larger things to live for than herself now that she is married to her husband Cooke Maroney and the couple is expecting their first child together.

Jen joked with the higher power that in order to survive, “I’ll be a burn victim, this will be unpleasant, but maybe we’ll live,” before adding, “Please, Lord Jesus, let me have my hair.” Wrap your hair-loving arms around me. Please don’t let my hair fall out.” The plane landed safely, and everyone on board was uninjured. She did, however, have to board another plane right away… with reinforcements, a.k.a. “a very large tablet and numerous little bottles of rum,” as Jen put it.

While Jen hasn’t been shy about sharing personal facts about her life, don’t expect her to be as forthcoming with her pregnancy. Jen is adamant about safeguarding her expanding family’s privacy, especially after she and many other celebrities were subjected to a nude picture leak in 2014, which she continuously reflects on, telling People magazine, “My trauma will exist forever.”

She will, however, not refuse to discuss her pregnancy if questioned at a dinner party, stating, “I wouldn’t be like, ‘God, I can’t speak about that.'” ‘Get out of here, you lunatic!’ But every instinct in my body tells me to keep their privacy as private as possible for the rest of their life.”

Her husband Cooke is the same way, and she did reveal one minor detail about their life with the outlet, adding, “I really like going to the grocery store with him.” I’m not sure why, but it makes me quite happy. Perhaps it’s because it’s a metaphor for marriage. ‘All right, we’ve got this list.’ These are the items we require. Let’s work together to finish this.'”

Jen has purposefully moved away from the spotlight during the past two years after feeling as though her presence was no longer appreciated, stating, “I simply felt people had become weary of me.” I’d had enough of myself. It had simply reached a point where I couldn’t do anything correctly.” She revealed that she had spent the most of her life pleasing others, with work serving as a safe haven where no one could be furious at her… until it all changed.

“Then I felt like I reached a stage where people weren’t delighted merely by my existence,” Jen said. So that jolted me out of thinking that work or a profession will offer you any type of inner peace.” Jen’s first film in two years, Don’t Look Up, also stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep, and it’s safe to say we’re not disappointed in her future part. Don’t Look Up will be released in select cinemas on December 10th, followed by a Netflix release on December 24th.

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