Israel’s Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, has slammed the upcoming Nuclear Deal

An evolving accord on Iran’s nuclear program has been criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who claims that the US-Iran pact is now weaker than the initial agreement reached in 2015.

Nathalie Bennett has also underlined his concerns that this potential deal that could be struck between Iran and six world powers led by the united states could make the middle east a lot more volatile.

Now, remember the world powers have been negotiating with Iran in Vienna and the united states are taking part in these negotiations indirectly through its European allies this is being done to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, otherwise it’s known as the joint comprehensive plan of action and this was a deal that was violated by the Americans in the year 2018 when the then American president Donald Trump had decided to unilaterally walk out of the deal.

The JCPOA had limited Iran’s enrichment of uranium and it had tried to make it harder for Tehran to develop material the fissile material that is needed for a nuclear program.

However, the former trump former American president Donald Trump had withdrawn from the deal in 2018 by describing it as the worst negotiated deal in American history. Now, what is interesting is that the state of Israel has been a very staunch opponent of the JCPOA it has urged the united states to take a much more of a hard-line than it has already taken against Iran the control of talks.

Now, in its speech to the Jewish American leaders, the Israeli prime minister warned that Iran has used the interim period to march ahead with the enrichment of the uranium fissile material to levels that would be described as approaching a weapons grade.

Since the original timeline may not be extended but Bennett is also noted that the 10-year limit on enrichment and other key aspects in the original deal is set to expire in 2025, but this is just two and a half years from now and this leaves Iran with a fast track to possible military-grade enrichment of uranium.

The Isreal Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a press conference that “the single biggest problem with this current agreement is that the freeze sunsets in two and a half years two and a half years which is right around the corner in two and a half years Iran by this agreement will be able to freely develop install and operate advanced centrifuges,” and added, “for Israel and all the stability seeking forces in the middle east the emerging deal as it seems is highly likely to create a more violent more volatile middle east.”

Bennett is repeated as pledged that the state of Israel will not allow Iran to become a threshold state insisting that the state of Israel will not be bound by any new deal that the Americans would want to strike with the Iranians and then he continued “so yes, there are challenges but we’re up to them and let me be clear Israel will not accept Iran as a nuclear threshold state and we are clear and unnegotiable red line and israel will always maintain its freedom of action to defend itself.”

Now, what is interesting in all of these statements is that the state of Israel considers Iran to be its enemy, it has anxiously kept a watch on the current round of talks and in fact, the state of Israel did not want these negotiations to even begin in the first place,

But now, that the negotiations are underway the state of Israel is demanding that there should be a much more difficult deal for Iran tight restrictions on its nuclear program and need to be imposed the state of Israel also wants the deal to address Iran’s long-range missile program and also its support for hostile proxies along Israel borders like the Lebanese militant Hezbollah group the state of Israel has also insisted that negotiations must be accompanied by credible military threat for Iran.

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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