Who is Isaiah Lee [NoName_Trapper] Wiki, Biography, Age, and Facts

Isaiah Lee is the man suspected of attacking Dave Chappelle during a Hollywood performance. Lee, who is 23 years old, is jailed on a $30,000 bail until May 3, 2022. In an event recorded on film, police claim the guy went on stage during the comedian’s live performance in Hollywood and assaulted him.

Who is Isaiah Lee?

According to social media, Lee raps under the moniker “NoName Trapper” and has a confirmed Spotify profile with approximately 6,000 monthly listeners.

“Dave Chappell” is the second track from one of his albums, “Born & Die in the Trap,” which will be released in 2020. While most of the lyrics are muttered, Lee appears to mention going inside the Hollywood Bowl, which is where the incident occurred on Tuesday night.

In the two-minute tune, he rapped, “Walkin’ straight into da Bowl.” Lee seems to rap about former President Donald Trump in another song from the same album, “Maga my n—ga,” stating, “Why is everybody constantly hatin’ on my president.”

Isaiah Lee was carrying a toy pistol and a knife. They acknowledged they were called to the Hollywood Bowl for an incident at about 10:45 p.m. local time but provided few additional specifics regarding the event.

According to his tour itinerary, Chappelle was playing at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California, at the time of the incident. Isaiah Lee is facing a felony assault with a dangerous weapon charge.

The attack’s purpose has yet to be revealed, and little information about Lee has been made public. He’s being detained in custody, and it’s unclear if he has a counsel or a representative who could speak on his behalf.

Chappelle resumed the concert, and in a later video, when he invited Foxx on stage to join him, he described the incident. Chappelle began by making a joke about his crowd coming up at the conclusion of his program.

How old was Isaiah Lee?

Isaiah Lee is 22/23 years old.

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