Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now (TV)’ on the way?

Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) album was released in November, and fans have been working hard to solve the case in anticipation of her next album re-release. Many theories have surfaced that both 1989 and Speak Now will be released soon, some of which are based on Taylor’s social media posts and her most recent music video for “I Bet You Think About Me.”

More evidence has emerged in recent weeks, demonstrating that 2010’s Speak Now is the clear front-runner, beginning with Taylor’s most recent honor, in which she was chosen official “ambassador” for Record Store Day 2022, which will take place on April 23rd this year.

Many fans have subsequently expressed thoughts about the logo on TikTok, such as this user, who pointed out that there are two red stars and 13 purple stars, indicating both Red and Speak Now’s theme colors, and that Speak Now may drop the day before Valentine’s Day in one of its themes of romance.

Speak Now

And the red stars denote the end of the Red period and the start of the Speak Now era.” Another user pointed out that Speak Now included both purple and red colors, with the red album cover being issued as a deluxe edition only through Target, indicating that the colors aren’t a coincidence. This user shared photos of a shoot going on inside a Nashville home on TikTok, with some comments agreeing that it looked like a wedding was being filmed… and we all know where the song “Speak Now” was set.

Since then, the original poster of the tweet has revealed that it was merely a commercial for a lodging company, but it does appear to be the type of sorcery Taylor would employ to sway fans away. The popular T-Swift news update account “The All Knower” has been sharing passwords to unlock the chapters of Red (Taylor’s Version) for the past few weeks. According to one fan, the initial letters of each chapter thus far have been S, N, and T, therefore if the next one is V, it will perfectly coincide with the first letters of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

Other TikTok compilations have circulated on the social media platform, with one user pointing out a plethora of other possible Easter eggs. Many people noticed that she dropped subtle hints in the shape of her Speak Now songs “Mine” and “Ours” during the release of Red (Taylor’s Version). She’s also worn purple on several occasions, notably in a TikTok video and at the premiere of the short film “All Too Well.”

But, as we all know, any move Taylor makes is certain to be scrutinized, so when she replied to Damon Albarn’s devastating allegations about her songwriting earlier this week, Swifties immediately went to work. Some people appear to think that her and Damon’s public exchange was staged as a clever publicity trick for the release of Speak Now.

“Me trying to think this is just PR for her to drop Speak Now (TV), a whole self-written album (except for one co-writer on the deluxe album),” one user tweeted. Her remark, though, demonstrates how genuine this is.” “If there was any doubt in my mind that Speak Now vault recordings would be with a co-writer, there is no more,” another person wrote. She’s coming for vengeance. Solo.” While we must admit that Tay’s reaction seems a little too genuine to be for publicity, with her, everything is possible! “Anything is conceivable!” says the narrator.

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