Is Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s ex-boyfriend flirting with Jesy Nelson?

Jesy Nelson had a flirty interaction with actor Lucien Laviscount, who also happens to be her former Little Mix bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s ex-boyfriend, during a recent night out. Jesy Nelson was photographed getting intimate with actor Lucien Laviscount after a wild night with pals, and everyone’s eyebrows were raised at the probable connection because he’s a past flame of her ex-Little Mix bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock!

Leigh-Anne Pinnock's ex-boyfriend

Jesy is seen looking infatuated with the extremely gorgeous Lucien in exclusive photographs released by The Daily Mail, while they flirt excessively with one another in the back of a rickshaw. The couple was initially seen having dinner together in London’s Soho neighbourhood before taking a flirty open-air ride to meet up with their buddies at a Mayfair club.

In all of the photographs, it’s evident that the two have a lot of chemistry since Jesy can’t seem to keep her gaze away from Lucien, who is clearly enjoying Jesy’s attention. While neither Jesy nor Lucien have acknowledged or refuted the current dating allegations, Little Mix fans are surprised by the connection, given Leigh-Anne dated Lucien briefly in 2012 before marrying her husband Andre Gray, with whom she now has twins.

However, no one should leap to any conclusions just yet, because it appears that their amorous night out was just that: a one-time occurrence. Also, Leigh Anne and Lucien have been together for over a decade! According to a source close to Jesy, she is “embarrassed” by the images taken during her and Lucien’s rickshaw trip and swears that she is now “single.”

According to the insider, Jesy and Lucien met up when their two buddy groups got together for a night of fun, and despite the fact that they flirted in the images together, they didn’t go any farther than that, and they left the club separately. “[Jesy] was letting her hair down on a Saturday night and feels ashamed that her flirtation with Lucien has surfaced – but there is nothing more between them,” they stated. While it appeared that there was a smidgeon of something more between them. “Jesy claims she and Lucien didn’t kiss, even though they seemed close in the images,” the insider stated.

Sure, the steamy Daily Mail photographs didn’t show them locking lips, just a lot of heavy flirting, and it’s conceivable nothing occurred. According to the source, nothing happened since Jesy returned to her Essex home alone, and she has no intentions to meet up with Lucien in the future.

(Image Source: TheSun)

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