Is Angelina Jolie’s Relationship With The Weeknd Real?

The Weeknd may not explicitly “call out Angelina Jolie’s name” in his new song, but that’s okay because if there’s one thing fans will do, it’ll be to add two and two!

The Weeknd has the following lines about a certain, unknown movie star on the single “Here We Go…Again,” which he co-wrote with Tyler the Creator. “And my new girl, she’s a movie star/My new girl, she’s a movie star/I kissed her right, made her scream like Neve Campbell,” says the narrator. But I swear it cures my depressin’ thoughts when I make her laugh.”

Angelina Jolie

It’s not difficult for fans to deduce that The Weeknd is referring to Angie. After all, she’s the newest “movie star” to whom he’s been linked! During the summer and early fall, the two celebrities are said to have gone out to dinner together on different occasions. When dating rumours about the two first surfaced, an E! News source quickly debunked them and stated that they were not dating.

According to the insider, “specifically,” “They share common interests and enjoy collaborating on projects to see what they can come up with. They’ve been discussing about collaborating on a couple humanitarian projects recently. He enjoys discussing movies and the art form.”

Unless you count these pretty-obvious-if-we-do-say-so-ourselves lyrics, neither Abel nor Angie have addressed the rumours. But, again, the phrases don’t specifically state that it’s about Angelina Jolie, therefore it might theoretically, possibly, most likely be about someone else.

Fans, on the other hand, don’t seem to believe it could be anybody else but her! “The Weeknd n Angelina jolie???” a fan tweeted about the two. It must be great, because I’m trying to be like you, my boy.” “Is the Weeknd dating Angelina Jolie?” another admirer wondered. “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LIVING MY DREAM?” “So basically the weeknd in this album talking about battling his worries and falling for angelina jolie even though he vowed he’ll never fall in love again,” another individual concluded. But here we go once more.”

Friends, don’t forget that The Weeknd has a history of singing about other women and his relationships in past songs. We all know he wrote a number of songs about Bella Hadid. But who can forget when “Party Monster!” had the lyrics “Angelina, lips like Angelina!” One thing is certain–ok, like 100 percent certain– The Weeknd was referring to Angelina Jolie!

The Weeknd has clearly had Angie on his mind for quite some time! It’s only a matter of time before the suspected pair makes their relationship public! But until then, we’ll have to sift through every single line on Dawn FM for any clues regarding their likely relationship!

(Image Source: People, Vulture)

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