International Hijab Day and a Power Tariff Increase in Pakistan

With International Women’s Day just a few weeks away, Pakistan’s regressive attitude toward women is once again making headlines. Pakistan’s patriarchal defenders have begun their operations to impose new norms and safeguard the country’s status quo.

Now, the latest to the list is Pakistan’s minister for religious affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri and according to reports the minister has demanded a ban on Aurat march on the 8th of march and demanded that the day should be declared as international hijab day instead of undesignated international women’s day.

He has written a letter to prime minister Imran Khan and requested him to accept his demand, the remarks have come amidst an ongoing hijab Rao in India in his letter to Imran khan the minister declared the women’s march as Islamic as it often features banners and placards that are contradictory to their religious teachings.

Women leaders and activists meanwhile have slammed Imran khan’s minister and questioned the double standards of his government with regards to the rights of women in the country, the ministers remarked come at a time when Pakistan has repeatedly been slammed for its unfair treatment of women according to the latest gender party index and at this current rate, it will take nearly 136 years to close the gender gap in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Pakistan may soon get an electric shock as the economic crisis in Pakistan shows no signs of abating, the cost of electricity in the country is likely to rise by six rupees per unit and Pakistan’s national electric power regulatory authority has called for a public hearing on the 28th of February. After the central power purchasing agencies sought an increase of six rupees on account of fuel charges adjustment.

According to the central power purchasing agency, the net cost of electricity production is significantly higher than the highest set by the power regulator. Now, according to the central power purchasing agency the country paid a high price for producing power from furnace oil and diesel reportedly the application filed by the CPPA says the cost of electricity generated from high-speed diesel was the highest at 25.98 rupees per unit followed by power produced using furnace oil at 22.8 rupees per unit. Incidentally, only six percent of the total electricity produced in the country was generated using high-speed diesel.

Now, the proposed hike in prices has put Imran khan in a fix with a request from the CPPA attracting strong political opposition and in a statement, the leader of the opposition in the national assembly said “raising the already unbearable electricity tariffs after dropping the massive petrol price hike bomb on the nation is completely and utterly unacceptable.”

(Image Source: The Quint)

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