India urges calm and constructive diplomacy in the Ukraine-Russia crisis

The United States defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, and Poland’s minister of national defense attended a news conference in Warsaw to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation, but the Ukraine situation, of course, dominated the discourse.

As western leaders gather now in Munich for a security conference set to discuss the Ukraine crisis but Germany has accused Russia of endangering Europe’s security with demands that are reminiscent of the cold war, these comments come as fears grow that Russia is on the verge of invading its neighbor ahead of the three-day conference. The German foreign minister and Annalena Baerbock said that Moscow needs to show serious steps towards de-escalation.

However, India at the UNSC said that quiet and constructive diplomacy is the need of the hour to ease the tensions. Now, the delivering India’s statement at the UNSC meeting on a minkski 11 agreement country’s a permanent representative to the UN said that India’s interest lies in finding a solution that provides immediate de-escalation in the conflict.

“India’s interest is in finding a solution that can provide for immediate de-escalation of tensions taking into account the legitimate security interests of all countries an aim towards securing long-term peace and stability in the region and beyond more than 20,000 Indian students and nationals live and study in different parts of Ukraine including in its border areas the well-being of Indian nationals is a priority to us in conclusion we reiterate our call for the peaceful resolution of the situation by sincere and sustained diplomatic efforts to ensure that concerns of all sides are amicably resolved through constructive dialogue I thank you,” he said.

India’s position on Ukraine at the recent quad meeting in Melbourne was at odds with the west as India did not join the US and its allies publicly and expressed concern over Russia’s military buildup. The US and Ukraine have alleged Russia of planning to invade Ukraine. However, Moscow has repeatedly denied the claims and has accused the west of escalating the conflict. So far, India has maintained a fine balance refusing to explicitly take sides in the conflict other members of the quad group Australia and japan have been loud and clear in their support towards Ukraine and the west.

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